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picketfence.jpg (71803 bytes) (John) This is a picture Dad took of me talking with a friend at our picket fence on Jardine.  Oh yes, if you look closely, you'll notice that Mom & Linda happened into the edge of the picture - Dad must have had a little trouble with the framing.
Family Christmas.jpg (73301 bytes) (Linda) I wonder what could be so exciting that we are ALL watching in anticipation!
Griffith Train.jpg (70514 bytes) (Linda) Now, THAT was what you called excitement!  Who ever needed Magic Mountain, anyway?
JohnB-Day.jpg (65104 bytes)
JohnJr. High.jpg (52202 bytes) (Linda) Our scholarly brother receiving his Jr. High diploma. "HP, here I come!"
JohnSteve.jpg (69747 bytes) (Linda) "I am the big brother, and don't you forget it!"
(John) I have no idea why Steve asked me to pose this way.
M-L-J  Grandpa.jpg (74318 bytes) (Linda) Isn't this a classic Americana photo?  Always a big thrill when Grandpa came to visit!
M-L-JDucks.jpg (71146 bytes) (Linda) If that isn't the zoo, I don't have a clue where it was! 
Mom's B-day.jpg (62081 bytes) (Linda) Don't we look like the perfect little "Beaver Cleaver" family?  I know how it went:  Dad sets up his tripod, the chairs are moved around so everybody can be seen, and we all smile big at just the right moment!
Paula_TV.jpg (51909 bytes) (John) Paula shows us that television doesn't have a monopoly on good entertainment.
Steve 8th B-day.jpg (16098 bytes) (John) Count the candles and you will discover that this young man looks primed and ready for a big blow out on his 8th birthday.