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Ace Taylor Shelf.JPG (16922 bytes) (Linda) Another familiar piece from the wall, and all handcrafted by our
Grandpa, Asael Taylor.
Bless This House.JPG (26331 bytes)
Bracelett.JPG (23277 bytes) (Linda) If you look close, you will see some small dents in this bracelet.  These were made during the dating years, by Dad's gear shift.  It would bump into Mom's bracelet when he shifted the car.
Cake Top.JPG (16120 bytes) (Linda) From Mom & Dad's wedding cake, 50 years ago-the original top, including doves and rose buds.
Cookie Jar.JPG (20399 bytes) (Linda) This cookie jar sat on top of our refrigerator for so many years!  Dad use to tell us that the bear would bite our hand if we tried to steal a cookie!
Crossing Stuff.JPG (29014 bytes) (Linda) Worn by Mom & Dad as a big part of their lives in more recent years.  Some of the kids they cross don't even recognize them without these things!
Dad Trophy.JPG (14637 bytes)
Dad's Crossing Plaque.JPG (12706 bytes)
duck.jpg (28436 bytes) (Linda) How could we ever forget the three ducks that graced the wall?  This seems to be the only one left.
garage.jpg (31122 bytes)
Grandma Plaque.JPG (15016 bytes)
Grandpa Plaque.JPG (16974 bytes)
How Often.JPG (18212 bytes)
lamp.jpg (9006 bytes) (Linda) Another amazing creation by Grandpa Asael Taylor.  We always wondered how Grandpa put those little pieces together!
Lockheed Plaque.JPG (11090 bytes)
Mini-Stove.JPG (34179 bytes) (Linda) How many times have children and grandchildren played with all the little parts to this stove?  It has sat on the fireplace hearth for as long as we can remember!
Model Plane 1.JPG (28901 bytes)
Model Plane 2.JPG (27340 bytes)
Model Plane 3.JPG (17830 bytes)
Mom Trophy.JPG (11560 bytes) Mom's baseball trophy.  Of course, you have to read the story, as Paula relates it.
Mom's Crossing Plaque.JPG (22355 bytes)
Mr. Machine.JPG (14364 bytes) (John)  Of all the Christmas gifts, this one was the most anticipated.  Can you fill in the missing words in his commercial theme song: "Here he comes, - - -, strangest thing you've ever seen, and his name is 'Mr. Machine.'"  The following summer, while we were on our trip to the East coast, our cousins played with Mr. Machine, and lost the tiny back wheel that allows him to stand upright.  He hasn't moved without assistance since.
Nudie Tie.JPG (8945 bytes) (Linda) This nudie cutie is a racy little number that OUR Grandpa Asael Taylor gave to Dad!  He was on his way to a get-together with Mom's brothers, and Grandpa thought this would be a fun "conversation piece"!  It must have made a hit, because he has used it many times since!
Old Cup.JPG (15601 bytes) (Linda) Who could forget the Carnation milkman that made deliveries to our house?  One promotion was cottage cheese in these cups (and mugs).  How many years have the remaining ones survived??
Old Dish.JPG (9544 bytes) (Linda) A pattern that we have known as long as we can remember.  A few bowls also remain.  We think they were a wedding gift!
SR-71 Frame.JPG (17354 bytes)