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Ancient City of Corinth

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Daily Log

Day 2 - May 22, 2000

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We will arrive in Athens at 10:15 a.m. and then transfer to the Divani Caravel Hotel, where we will check in and enjoy lunch.  Athens, caiptal of Greece, is the birthplace of democracy and western civilization.  The majestic Parthenon  rises above the city, and the National Archaeological Museum holds countless treasures from Athens' golden age in the fifth century. B.C.  At 2:00 p.m. we will drive to Corinth.  The ancient city of Corinth was once one of the richest cities in the world.  The Apostle Paul visited this city on his second and third missionary journeys.  We will see the famous Corinth Canal and then return to Athens and for overnight at the Divani Caravel Hotel.

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This map shows today's travel path.
x0000406.jpg (45555 bytes) Sara and Michael enjoy a gyro sandwich in Athens, just before we got on the bus heading for Corinth.
x0000451.jpg (48132 bytes) Corinth was a very large city, with 300,000 citizens and 400,000 slaves.  This is one of the water supplies.  Notice the very large urn - it's about 7 feet tall (now cracked!).
x0000441.jpg (18720 bytes) Here is a section at Corinth where they have on display examples of the Greek columns. Here are two: ionic (left) and aeolic (right).
x0000462.jpg (48131 bytes) This is the public toilet in downtown Corinth.  Well, it's the one used 2000 years ago.  Notice it is a "three seater" - actually there are another 6-7 seats available that are not in the picture - town togetherness!
x0000466.jpg (42685 bytes) This is the temple of Apollo in at Corinth.
x0000467.jpg (38944 bytes) This is the Corinth canal.  Corinth is located between two seas, and this 4 mile stretch was the only way for ships to avoid going the long way around.  They used to drag ships over land to take this shortcut, before the canal.
x0000470.jpg (37981 bytes) This is the road from Athens to Corinth.  It is the place where the fabled Procrustes had his famous bed, where he cut off the legs of people who were too tall and stretched the ones that were too short.


Here's some information about Athens.
Here's some information about Corinth.

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