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Patmos - Ruins of Ephesus

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Daily Log

Day 9 - May 29, 2000

Taylor Home

This morning we will dock at Patmos, the island where the Apostle John was exiled from the Roman Empire.  During his exile, according to tradition, he wrote the apocalyptic revelations recorded in the book of Revelation.  The cave where he lived is near the site of the Monastery of the Apocalypse.  The Monastery of St. John, built on one of the island's highest points, houses priceless icons and manuscripts in its treasury.
We will also dock at the seaside town of Kusadasi on the Aegean coast of Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) and then go to the ruins of Ephesus.  An important city in the Roman Empire, Ephesus was the center of Anatolian Christianity.  Apostles John and Paul wrote to the Ephesian members of the Church, and their messages are recorded in the New Testament.  We will visit several fascinating sites there in this amazing archaeological excavation.

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This map shows today's travel path.
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Here's some information about Patmos.
Here's some information about ancient Ephesus.

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