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Hawaii 2001
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x0003144.jpg (39822 bytes) This is the Wailua River.  It leads to the Fern Grotto and a number of other sites.  If we can work it out, next week we'll find some time to kayak on this river.
x0003145.jpg (30602 bytes) Sara and Robynne hug a palm tree.
x0003146.jpg (56895 bytes) This is a sacred spot to the Hawaiians, above the Wailua River.  The stones were carried up to this hill and formed a temple site, where religious rites were performed until outlawed in the 1800's.
x0003148.jpg (37822 bytes) This is Opaekaa Falls.  Such falls are real impressive at first, then, if you take a helicopter trip over the island, you see just how many falls there are.  They seem to be everywhere - still impressive, but very common.
x0003150.jpg (47223 bytes) We are loading the kayaks onto the Wailua River.  Several miles down river is the Fern Grotto.
x0003151.jpg (47406 bytes) The Fern Grotto is a very popular wedding place.  Sara and Robynne are posing here in front of the entrance.  Just above their heads, in the background, is a wedding ceremony going on while we wait.

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