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May 8, 2001
Walking Around Rome
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We spent most of this day walking around Rome, getting used to the "neighborhood" and getting our bearings for travels over the next few days.  The crowd was small late in the day near St. Peter's Cathedral, so we dropped in for a look.  We will spend more time there later in the week.

(Click on the small picture to see a larger version)

x0002282.jpg (47339 bytes) This is not a normal scene around Rome.  It is a group of actors, posing for some kind of advertisement.
x0002285.jpg (40015 bytes) This is a good example of the narrow streets that make up the city neighborhoods.  We walked along these streets quite a bit, shopping in little stores that line the streets.
x0002287.jpg (40704 bytes) Some tourists asked us to take their picture on this bridge, with St. Peter's Cathedral in the background.  We decided this was a good idea and traded services with them.
x0002288.jpg (47431 bytes) Not far from our hotel is this little grocery store.  We thought of Sara and Michael and how much they would enjoy eating these fine vegetables - notice the asparagus and other greens.  Perhaps this will make our kids happy they are across the sea, far from such nutrition.
x0002290.jpg (33842 bytes) This is one of the Swiss guards that watch over the Vatican city.  For several hundred years, these guards have a strong tradition of dedicated commitment and professionalism.
x0002292.jpg (36468 bytes) This is a poor picture of Michelangelo's "La Pieta" - it is difficult to get a good image from behind the thick glass that protects.  It is an amazing piece of artwork - I believe he produced it in his late teen years.
x0002293.jpg (47119 bytes) This is Pope Innocent (I'm not sure which one) - he is on display within St. Peter's Cathedral.  Yes, that is actually him, well preserved, not a horizontal statue.
x0002294.jpg (40109 bytes) This is the official list of Popes in the Vatican.  It does not recognize the period of time when there were parallel popes supported by different political interests in the medieval times.
x0002300.jpg (31685 bytes) If you will look very closely at this photo, you can see the individual mosaic pieces.  All the wonderful art in St. Peter's has been replaced with mosaic replicas, to protect the originals from the environment.
x0002308.jpg (37249 bytes) This is one of the doors on St. Peter's Cathedral.  It is dedicated to Christian martyrs, which are shown crucified or experiencing other suffering deaths.
x0002310.jpg (45006 bytes) This is one of the two large fountains in front of St. Peter's Cathedral.

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