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May 9, 2001
Etruscan Rome
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The focus for today was on the Etruscans, an advanced civilization that tradition indicates were those who escaped the fall of Troy.  If true, then the victorious Greeks eventually received "pay back" at the hands of the Etruscan's descendants, the Romans, who along with the Greeks eventually controlled the civilzed world.

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x0002345.JPG (39233 bytes) We spent the morning exploring the burial practices of the Etruscans, among the founding people of Rome.  This picture shows the pattern of round stone hills were they buried their dead.
x0002343.JPG (43325 bytes) Here is an example of how the Etruscans decorated their burial places.  They also filled the rooms with precious pottery, jewelry, etc., but these objects have been looted or are now safely in museums.
x0002311.JPG (43921 bytes) This is an example of what we do for lunch.  There is always a small pizzaria somewhere.  This one is in a small town where no one speaks English.
x0002320.JPG (45066 bytes) This is a Roman villa, now a museum.  The minute we walked into this facility, it seemed familiar.  Anyone who has visited the J. Paul Getty villa in California will know what this is like - vaulted ceilings with wonderful paintings, gardens, fountains, statues - it's all here.
x0002327.JPG (33820 bytes) Here are some sandals that are in pretty good shape, considering they are 2500 years old!
x0002331.JPG (33230 bytes) Interesting designs on the Etruscan temple.  Look at the various faces that are placed at the end of what we would call a gutter spout.
x0002336.JPG (35310 bytes) This is a very interesting Etruscan sarcophagus.  It shows a husband and wife reclining together.  This would not be acceptable among the Greeks or even the Romans, but shows the more equal status women had among those who helped found Rome.
x0002347.JPG (39321 bytes) This is a "temple" (which is the root of our word for template), used to read a liver and divine certain things that will occur in the future.  It was a special form of Etruscan belief.
x0002358.JPG (44662 bytes) The Etruscan's were very precise workers in gold.  Here is some of their handiwork.
x0002387.JPG (46227 bytes) Remember the chariot race in Ben Hur?  This is the place where these famous races occurred, the Circus Maximus.  It's only an open field today, but they used to hold 20 races per day here in front of crowds of 150,000.
x0002391.JPG (41406 bytes) Remember the scene in Roman Holiday when Gregory Peck put his hand in the Mouth of Truth and scared Audrey Hepburn with his pretended pain?  This is that place, and Linda shows how it's done.
x0002396.JPG (37453 bytes) Sara, this is the ultimate.  Your own clothing store in Italy!  And they even spelled your name correctly.

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