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May 11, 2001
Christian Rome
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The focus for today has been on early Christian Rome.  Among other things, we visited St. Peter's Cathedral (Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel), the Christian catacombs, and St. Paul's Church Outside the Walls.

(Click on the small picture to see a larger version)

x0002505.jpg (43234 bytes) This is St. Peter's Cathedral.  We spent a lot of time here, but they do not allow the use of cameras within the Sistine Chapel.
x0002508.jpg (39005 bytes) We received permission to enter a long hallway painted by Raphael.  The general public is not allowed here, but it has a wonderful collection of paintings that portray various stories from the Old Testament.  Here is a painting about Lot's family escaping Sodom & Gomorrah (notice his wife, who has turned into a pillar of salt).
x0002528.jpg (40163 bytes) A very large painting that Raphael created here is the School of Athens.  It contains many important thinkers from Greece.  Here is a close-up of one figure that Sara will appreciate - Pythagoras - since she has been using his theorem to solve right triangle problems in Algebra.
x0002529.jpg (37818 bytes) This a a reconstruction of an Etruscan chariot - the Vatican Museum has the world's greatest collection of Etruscan artifacts.  BYU arranged to have many of these items brought to Provo for a display several years ago.
x0002531.jpg (31019 bytes) This is a bronze Etruscan statue.  They were very skilled at working in bronze.
x0002534.jpg (45728 bytes) Here is our tour group, exiting from the Vatican Museum and taking a brief rest.
x0002538.jpg (47838 bytes) This is St. Paul's Church Outside the Walls.  It is a basilica dedicated to St. Paul, and has within his burial spot.
x0002542.jpg (49044 bytes) This is the front area of St. Paul's Church Outside the Walls.  The statue at the bottom is of St. Paul, while the paintings reflect Christ, with Peter and Paul at his left and right, and the four gospel authors (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) below them.

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