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May 12, 2001
Florence Art
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(Click on the small picture to see a larger version)

x0002558.jpg (36604 bytes) We visited a number of museums today.  This is an Etruscan tomb.
x0002561.jpg (36936 bytes) This is a well-preserved Egyptian chariot. Try to picture Yul Brenner running down the Israelites in this contraption.
x0002564.jpg (33835 bytes) Here is a small statue of a woman making bread.
x0002567.jpg (41463 bytes) These are the famous "Heaven's Gate" door that is on the baptistry in Florence.  Actually, it's a replica, since the original has been moved to the museum.
x0002569.jpg (55479 bytes) This is the front of the Florence Cathedral.  As you can see, the marble exterior is an incredible example of carvings and subtle colors.
x0002574.jpg (46637 bytes) Here is the main means of transportation in Florence - the motor scooter.  The streets are full of these things, buzzing around walking traffic.

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