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May 13, 2001
Early Christian Mosaics
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(Click on the small picture to see a larger version)

x0002589.jpg (59640 bytes) We spent most of today looking at mosaics in the Tuscany area of Italy, where early Christians expressed their faith.  Of special interest are what they portray about their early practices: flowing white robes with special markings, hands reaching through temple veils, etc.
x0002590.jpg (34965 bytes) The tower you see in this picture is typical of this period architecture.  It is built of brick and cement.
x0002591.jpg (38569 bytes) The inside of another chapel, decorated with early Christian mosaics.
x0002608.jpg (52489 bytes) A look at the interior dome mosaic.  Imagine how difficult it is to construct these pictures from tiny colored stones.
x0002609.jpg (30319 bytes) A little statue outside one of the museums.  It looks like "Woman's Triumph over Man" but is really a tribute to fallen martyrs.

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