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May 14, 2001
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Later, I'm going to include some additional pictures on this page, because the best things we saw were in places where pictures were not allowed.  We visited an incredibly interesting medieval city, Siena.

(Click on the small picture to see a larger version)

x0002618.jpg (38548 bytes) This is an example of light posts throughout the city.  They have colorful tastes.
x0002628.jpg (44861 bytes) This is the front exterior of the Siena cathedral.
x0002634.jpg (27853 bytes) This is the bronze statue of David, high on a hill overlooking Florence.  The real marble statue is in a museum, but they don't allow pictures there anymore.
x0002636.jpg (43154 bytes) This is a hillside view of Florence, with it's famous dome dominating the skyline.  Nothing is allowed to rise higher than the dome in this city.
x0002639.jpg (37268 bytes) How would you like your grave to contain this figure?  It is one of many in the local church.

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