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Many summer hours were spent across the street on the playground.  I visited the grounds a few years ago, and was saddened to see the huge oak gone and the circular rings locked up . . . but there were some kids playing an old "golf" carom game - it was the same board I played on 30 years earlier - beat up and faded, but with some of the same angle-shot markings we made on the sides.  I recently read a website where someone wrote about their memory of Apperson - they said Mrs. Meyers was the first adult they learned to fear.  School has such a wonderful impact on kids!
report1.jpg (38875 bytes) The front and back of a 1st grade report card (1959).  Notice the signatures of the principal and teacher.  Anyone remember the last name of Beaver Cleaver's teacher? ("Miss Landers" - coincidence or not - you decide)
report2.jpg (42206 bytes) The inside of the report card.
running.jpg (23502 bytes) Speaking of playground, in the summer they had tournaments.  Here are two paper "ribbons."  Notice that the First Place ribbon is for "6 Year Old Boys" and the Second Place ribbon is for "6 Year Olds" - looks like I lost the battle of the sexes early in life.