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In addition to the following notes from Patti, Vicki, and David, check out the great pictures and information on this web page David has compiled:  I've taken the liberty of also including some of these pictures on the Langmuir "Old Pictures" page.

Here's a note from Patti:
Hi, this is Patti and I live in Howe, Texas with my cat Meeshawna and my Chinese Pug puppy- Bingo Cha Ching. I have 1/3 acre with a two story OLD house that leans alot. I love it here and I work just 2 miles from Dave, Kim, Aja and Alyssa. I'll let Dave fill you in on them. I plan
to retire in January 2001 and work part time only (I  HOPE). God will make the final decision I'm sure. I attend the church of Christ here in Howe and have a wonderful Christian family there.  Dave and I built, painted and installed a white picket fence in my front yard. I've always wanted one.
My mother Ola, died last year of cancer and that's what prompted me to move back to Texas. She'd moved here 4 years proior to her death, knowing it was coming...Sure didn't make it any easier on me tho. My brother lives in Bowie, Texas about 90 miles away but we aren't real close...I am, he isn't if you know what I mean. I'm rambling right now because I'm not sure what you want to know BUT that's about it for me.  I'm STILL single and always will be. Don't date and haven't for over 13 years. I like my life alone as long as I have family near. I get my granddaughters often and that's fun. Vicki (a school teacher) and Mike (her 12 year old son) live in Schutsbury MA and I'll also let her fill you in on their lives.
I guess none of us will EVER forget what we shared on Langmuir Ave. We talk about it often and cherish all the good memories. I still have my Corvette (36 years) and counting. In fact it's sitting on my lawn right now waiting for me to take her for another spin. Well hopefully NOT a spin, but you know what I mean. She's a Burgandy Maroon color now and looks fabulous. I'd like to sell her so someone can enjoy her like I've done for so many years. It hurts my back getting down into the seat and then trying to get out again is another subject. "smile" I'm alot fatter now and older (62) so it's not like it used to be. BUT what is? Your dad took the first picture of me and that car the day I bought her in March 1965.
Okay, don't want to waste too much space. Use what you want of this and I'm SO GLAD we can all stay in touch now. It was great hearing Clea's voice the other night. Dave is the computer guy, I just know how to log on and do email and play PacMan. I'm a champ at that....So I think anyway. Well, stay in touch, love to everyone from Patti Brunner p.s. I had to copy and paste this to email, it wouldn't let me send it the other way. See, I told you I'm NOT computer literate.

And here's a note from Vicki:
I am so glad you're doing this web page! What a nice way to stay in touch. I don't have any photos to send now, but I'm working on scanning some to submit. I do have some great photos of Paula and me as kids that will be really cute to add. I've had some time to put together a little "bio" and hope it's helpful to add to the page. Let me know if it's too much.
I graduated from Verdugo High in the bicentennial year 1976 and our class was called, what else? The Spirit of '76. After graduating I moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University (growing up with a beach bum like my mom I watched this monument being erected and knew I had to go there when I was old enough). I'm probably the only person I know who has Surfing on their college transcripts...and yes I have been teased about it many times! Before finishing school I ended up opening a gymnastics school/health club and eventually became a faculty member at Pepperdine teaching gymnastics. After years of success with my gymnastics, summer camps, and adult fitness programs, I closed the gym and moved into Culver City to see what "city life" was like. Working in a Beverly Hills Law Firm by day and running the fitness program for a large health club at night and on was at the gym that I met a man from the east coast whom I eventually married. The day after our garden wedding in Grandma Ola's backyard we moved on to Massachusetts, and a year later had a son, Michael, who is the joy of my life.  I continued in the fitness industry for more than 20 years along with administrative work in a variety of office settings. Having taught gymnastics since I was 14 (my very first job at Sunland-Tujunga Gymnastics Club at Sunland Park), over the years I also taught a variety of P.E. classes for different private schools, and colleges, opened another gym of my own in Massachusetts, ran summer camps, performed fitness instructor training programs for the American Council on Exercise, and even had my own TV show on local access television called "Vicki Davey's Fitness Quest". I went to a community college on and off, and finally finished my often-interrupted 20 year college career at the University of Massachusetts where I received my Masters degree in elementary education. Now I teach kindergarten and love my job! I am currently a single mom living with my boy Mike in a cottage on Lake Wyola, am active in my church community helping with camp and a variety of other activities, and we are very happy.
My son Michael (see his picture by clicking here) is now 12 years old (YIKES) and is involved in youth group and camp through our church, loves biking, little league baseball, basketball, rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, and loves to draw.  He is very close with his dad and I'm so happy that they have a strong and loving relationship. Mike does well in school, has a lot of friends, and is an awesome kid... if I do say so myself!

And here's a note from David:
Hey there, wow what a surprise when Linda emailed me about the webpage you  put together... thanks so much for doing that, what a great idea... it's  funny that I tell my kids about things on Langmuir and happenings and they  crack up at what we used to do... They will certainly get a major kick out  of seeing this website, I've got photos I can send to you but don't know  what you'd like to have, I don't want to innundate you with my collections  but I can send a couple of my family, my home, animals, etc... what would  be good? it was so funny to read some of the recollections posted, Peppy's  pet shop, I forgot all about that but I too spent lots of spare change on  stuff there, too bad they don't have things like that for our kids to  build memories on... I drove to California a couple years ago and showed my  kids where I lived, I didn't take any photos of the neighborhood  though.. would you like a lengthy bio that you can edit or just a short  paragraph?
I have 2 girls, Aja Nicole is 11 and Alyssa Brianne is 8, they are  wonderful girls, doing great in school, active in church, Alyssa came  forward last week in church to publicly accept Jesus as her savior... I'm  so lucky to have both of my kids, my wife Kim and rest of my family saved...
We live in the country in North Texas on 5 acres raising llamas as a  hobby, I work as an electronic technician for the US postal service and  have a real estate graphic design business on the side. Kim (my wife of  nearly 15 years) works for me.... well I'm at work now so I'll send more  info later, thanks for your email and the work done on the website, I can't  wait to explore more...
If you get a chance, check out our website, just llamas no kids but I can  either send you photos as an attachment on an email or I can upload them to  my website and send you the page address so you can download only the ones  you'd like to use to save time, let me know...
thanks again for doing this, it is really a great venture...
God bless y'all we'll talk soon.
Dave Brunner