The Kleiman Family
"10314 Langmuir Ave"

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Larry Kleiman -

Here's an update from the Kleiman's:

Betty and Marvin, now both 70 years old and very active, and thankfully healthy.  Marvin worked for one company his entire professional life, and retired about 8 years ago.  Mama Betty can still cook up a storm.  They still own the beach house that was our summer retreat (Sunland was too hot for Schluva during the summer), and we always did love the ocean. Clea always remembered Schluva, sending her a Mother's Day card every year until she passed away in her early 90's in 1989. They spend much of their time being terrific grandparents and doggie parents to Licorice (an 11 yr. old black Lab), and live in the home we moved to after leaving Sunland, which is in West Los Angeles, about 3 miles south of Vicki, and 30 minutes north of my home. Hardly a day goes by that we don't mention something about someone from good ol' Langmuir. We send all of you the warmest of greetings - you'll never be forgotten!

Larry Kleiman - 46 yrs. old and living in Rossmoor, a suburbia a la Langmuir style from the same era (1959), in north Orange County. Speech Pathologist and clinical director of Larry Kleiman and Associates. I graduated UCLA in 1976 and Cal.St. Northridge with a Masters Degree in 1980. I developed a private practice working with autistic and mentally retarded individuals, and it has expanded to work in schools and hospitals. I am fortunate enough to have some publications in my professional field, an evaluation tool and a new language therapy activity. However, I'm still dreaming of that Number 1 smash record, and am still writing songs and playing guitar. I married at the ripe age of 32, and got divorced 8 years later. BUT, the joy of my life is my ten-year-old daughter named Melody (what better name for the child of a songwriter?). She lives with me about 40% of the time, and the rest of the time with her mother, who got my "other" house (only a few blocks from my current home). I always wanted to have 4 children like the Taylor family, and hope springs eternal. Growing up was tough, but having great friends and neighbors was important. I've seen movies where bad childhood memories of being teased could never be erased. I feel fortunate in that I always had a sense of acceptance and "brotherhood" in the Langmuir days, and I thank all of you reading this for that kindness and support during the 11 years our family shared with your families. 

Vicki Kleiman Schwartz - Now 44 yrs. old (but doesn't look a day over 30), and the mother of two children, David (almost 15) and Jenna (12). She was a preschool teacher, in the wholesale and retail clothing business, and entrepreneur in estate jewelry sales, and now works for her husband of 20 years Michael's successful wireless communications company, Everything Wireless (need a cell phone anyone?). They were high school sweethearts at University High School in West Los Angeles (we moved after her graduation from junior high). She lives near UCLA on Sunset Blvd., close to Westwood. She took a dump of a house and fixed it up, with a great flair for antique furniture.