Sat, Jun 5 (Day 12): Another Day in Moscow


This is the schedule written by our guide to set expectations for the group. There is a wake-up call, a breakfast time, and a time when we are expected the depart. If we are leaving a city, there is also a time when our bags are to be placed outside our room for loading into the bus.
This is NOT our transportation for today. A wedding reception was held in the hotel, and the couple arrived in this Rolls Royce.
On our way to the St. Sergius Monastery, we passed this very large statue.
We also passed this very ornate home. The owner was working in the yard, and our bus stopped so all of us could get out and take pictures.I wondered what the neighbors think about all this attention paid to this one house (and not theirs). Of course, this is not the typical house.
This is the Duck Tower (because it has a duck statue at the very top) as well pull into the St. Sergius Monestery. This little community is kind of like a Russian Williamsburg, because the people are very conservative and dress like typical Russians living before the revolution.
This is the main church in this town, and is the place where the new "pope" is selected for the Russian Orthodox church.
This is the "Fountain of Youth" St. Sergius Monastery, where it is believed the water heals and "youthens" those who wash with it. Notice the plastic bottles used to collect the water.
There are a number of churches at this monastery, each with a unique design, but all reflecting the common attributes of the Russian Orthodox religion. Here is a panel of Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden.
This is the patron saint of Russia, St. Nicholas.
The monestary is known for crafts, and there are many tables with locals hoping to make a sale among the visitors.
While it is a conservative town, it clearly has the mark of modern culinary offerings.
Linda and I decided not to attend the Russian Circus this evening, choosing instead to walk from our hotel to Red Square. We've seen enough dancing bears and would prefer to explore more on our own.
As we walked into Red Square, the bell tower in this church was ringing loudly. Click here to experience these bells. Sorry that your can't see the bell operator in the tower, but reset assured that he is there and active operating.
Some people flying kites at Red Square. Some are kite vendors, others are their recent customers.
Lenin and Stalin lookalikes in Red Square. There are many lookalikes roaming the area, selling their likeness by posing for pictures.
The changin gof the guard in Red Square, reminding us of the ceremony at Washington's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Click here to see the high-stepping guards make the change.
Just outside of Red Square, there is an underground shopping mall (3 levels). Very busy with many shoppers, this felt like a typical shopping mall in any, with the same corporate labels and products.