Tue, May 25 (Day 1): Salt Lake City thru Houston toward London

1:00pm Depart Salt Lake City, Continental #390
4:59pm Arrive Houston
6:25pm Depart Houston, Continental #4

We've been packing all evening and into the night. This is the alarm clock, as we try to get a little sleep before morning. Wait, it is morning. This should help us sleep on the long flight over the Atlantic.
Surprise. Linda in the dentist chair at 8am this morning! Nice way to start a vacation ... a little dental emergency just before heading to the airport. She had some work done yesterday, and wanted an adjustment after sleeping on it. Our dentist was kind enough to let her in on our way out.
This is our long-term parking spot at the airport. I took a picture so I can remember where the car is upon our return.
For international flights, they recommend arriving 2 hours before the flight. Check-in and security only take a few minutes, so we're catching up on vital reading while waiting.
We have to switch planes here in Houston. At first, I was concerned about the 55 minutes allocated between landing and takeoff, having experience the fearsome terminal run in Phoenix (where you have to catch a bus to the international terminal and go through another long security check line). This was a piece of cake: the departure was 10 gates away from our arrival.
How to make 9.5 flight hours go by real fast: read a good book. We were given this at work today, and it is an interesting read. However, the real secret is below.
This little thing next to the pencil made all the difference. Al Merkley mentioned Ambien at work last week as his way to handle international flights, so I took one of the generic versions. Wow! I think of all those hours I spent working for HP during international flights when I couldn't sleep, and now I have the cure. Of course, the best cure was not to fly so much.