Thr, May 27 (Day 3): A Day in London

Open - This may be the last update for awhile, as the internet may not be as accessible this evening when we arrive in Helsinki, then head into Russia.

The Rosetta Stone is displayed very differently than it was years ago when we first saw it. Now in a large glass case, to protect it from the visitors, they have a full-size replica in a nearby room that invites touching. Here is a picture of Michael and Sara next to it in 1998,when visitors could stand next to it.
I took a class in Egyptian hieroglyphs this last year, so these incriptions were more interesting to me this time than previous visits to the museum.
The Elgin marbles, from the Parthenon in Athens.
These figures were displayed against a wall, but their backsides were worked with as much care to detail by the artists and their fronts. We assume it was because they wanted the work to be perfect, not just a facade with front only.
The greatest London love story? Funny that it took place in Paris.
We went to the National Gallery and toured the paintings, but were disappointed that Linda's favorite was not on display (Lady Jane by DeLarouche). It was part of a special section that closed last week, and hasn't been rehung.
I felt a little sorry for these soldiers, who stand (or sit on horses) at strict attention, having to ignore the visitors who pose next to them giggling or pet the horses for pictures.
Big Ben.
A bunch of government protesters are camped out with signs related to their cause (mostly antiwar). One person was constantly walking around a yelling. I'm surprise his voice holds out if he does that regularly.
The entrance to Westminster Abbey.
Picadilly Square. We thought this was where we could catch a movie, but remembered it was another square, so all we did here was take this picture.
We watched the movie Robin Hood (appropriate while being in Great Britain). Disappointing. I'd rather watch a few episodes of the old TV show. "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, fighting through the glen; Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men. Fear by the bad. Loved by the good. Robin Hood. Robin Hood. Robin Hood." Interesting that these words and tune can play in my mind after all these years.