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Change Log:

Our WebSite is getting big enough that it's difficult for people to see what's new without going through all the pages in detail.  So, here's a running log of changes:

Oct 13, 1999 - Added reunion pictures:  BobPics, StevePics1, StevePics2
- Added Donna Livingston Keil bio
- Updated info for Linda Taylor Madison bio (includes pictures)
- Added e-mail address for Richard & Margaret Lyans
- Added Jody McRobbie Sparkuhl bio
Oct 8, 1999 - Added memory submitted by Bob Kindred
- Added info to Richard & Margaret Lyans bio
- Updated info for John Gillan bio
- Added e-mail address to Cori Swaner bio
- Added current family picture link to Darlene Dudley bio
- Added family picture link for Jesse & Eva Dudley bio
- Added pictures J3, J4, J5J6
- Updated info for Brian Nash bio
- Added Brian & Ann Okerlund bio
- Added Ray Metcalf bio
- Added Andrea & Frank Balena bio
- Deleted Tony & Rocky from the Lost & Found (they are found!)
Oct 6, 1999 - Added Jim & Marie Smith bio
- Added Paul & Catherine Dunn bio
- Added Karin Roylance Miller bio
- Added Patrice Thomson Watson bio (includes picture of  kids!)
- Added memory submitted by Myrna Grosland
- New couple identified in photo E11
- Added Dale & Gloria Sebring bio
- Added picture J2 (Dale Sebring)
- Added Wendell & Janette Mackay bio
- Added Ian Wendell Mackay bio
- Added Ronald James Mackay bio
- Added Thomas William Mackay bio
- Added Bob & Amie Lyans bio
- Added Ron & Sharon Pew bio
Oct 5, 1999 - Added lots of information to the Paul & June Walker bio  
- Added information to Joey Adams bio
- Added picture J1 (Frank & Andrea Balena & sons)
- Fixed/Updated Lyans family bio
- New person identified in photo E9
Oct 4, 1999 - New information for Evan, Kristy, Bob, & Valorie Kindred bios
- Corrected misspellings for Wendell Mackay throughout web
- New information for the Lyans family bio
- Added more identifying names to picture B7
Oct 3, 1999 - Added pictures B9, B10, B11, B12, B13, B14
- Added more memories to memories page
Oct 2, 1999 - Added picture B7, B8
- Added bios for Tony Ruelas & Joey Adams
- Added memory submitted by Tony Ruelas
- Added other memories to memories page
- Finished indexing all new pictures on peopleindex
Sep 30, 1999 - Added Robert & Myrna Conover bio
- Added recent photos of Bishop Odd & Jon Jacobsmeyer to bios & people index
- Added pictures B6, F9, F10, F11, I11, I12, I13, I14
- Updated people names in picture C7
- Added bios for Dudley family
Sep 26, 1999 - Identified a few more people in pictures D8, D9, H2, H6, H9, H10
- Added Wayne Williams bio
- Updated Russ & Alice Morgan bio
- Added Robert & Tanya Smith bio
- Added dance photos E10, E11, E12, E13; sports photos G11, G12
- Need to index these additional photos (and pages H & I too!)
Sep 20, 1999 - Finished "original photos" links to People Index
- Two new photo pages added (H & I), yet to be indexed
Sep 19, 1999 - Lunch time has been moved up to 1:00pm.
Sep 18, 1999 - Started adding photo links to People Index
- Added a backup site, because the free web provider we have been using seems to have too many technical problems
Sep 18, 1999 - Major reorganization of the S-T Website to accommodate growth
- All Bios consolidated (submitted and "editor")
- New People Index for bios created
- Photo tour reorganized into categories
- Several new photos added to each category
Sep 17, 1999 - Added Eugene & Carol Thompson, Roland & Anna Jane Stoll, Charles & Joan Odd, Shayleen Combs Welton, and Amy Anderson Chambers to the "Well, at least . . ." page, and edited the Walker entry.
- Added bio for Russ & Alice Morgan
Sep 16, 1999 - Bio added for Dave & Yvonne Provost family
- Announced Jon Jacobsmeyer as "Master of Ceremonies"
- Added "Well, at least here's some information" page, with many names
- Bio added for Mark Beckstrom
- Bio added for Sharon Metcalf DeFigueiredo 
Sep 6, 1999 - Bio updated for Eileen Skinner (includes family picture)
Sep 4, 1999 - Bio added for Robert Banfield (includes parents, Phil & Bonnie, Heather)
- Bio added for Wayne Spriggs
Sep 3, 1999 - Bio added for Roberta Jacobsmeyer
Sep 2, 1999 - Three pictures added to the photos page
Aug 31, 1999 - Three Relief Society of the 60s pictures added to photos page
- Bio added for Carla Anderson Bateson
- 13 more names added to mailing list
- Bio added for Marsha Henderson
- Bio added for Maria Dorrestyne
- Beach party picture added to photos page
Aug 9, 1999 - Bio added for Robert Jacobsmeyer
- Invitation for bios displayed on home page
Aug 5, 1999 - Bio added for Bob & Myrna Grosland
- Added website navigation links
Aug 4, 1999 - Bios added for the Skinners (Wallace & Hazel, Shelley, Eileen, Paula, Brett, Kim, Kevin)
- Three additions to the Lost & Found
July 31, 1999 - Bio added for Jon W. Jacobsmeyer (includes info on other Jacobsmeyer's)
- Added picture of Buck McKeon and Joan Davis
- Dale Lethco identified in class photo (thanks Robin!)
July 25, 1999 - Added Bishop Wendell and Janette Mackay's photo
- Identified Cindy Spriggs in Youth Choir photo
July 23, 1999 - Bio added for Patrick Gillan
July 21, 1999 - Identified Wallace Skinner on ground-breaking photo (thanks Shelley!).
July 20, 1999 - Added picture to John & Clea Taylor Bio.
July 19, 1999 - This "Change Log" added
- Bios added for Karen Livingston Roland, Bill & Charlene Fulton
- Bios updated for Bob Kindred, Steve Mollenhauer, Chris Swaner Abbot
- Chris' daughter's name corrected - "Molly"
- Names added to the Lost & Found
- Sister Krey given first name (Margaret) on photo page

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