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Lost & Found:

We're trying to contact anyone that may have an interest in the reunion, and have mailed information to many people (see the mailing list).  Unfortunately, after 30 or 40 years, some addresses become invalid!  Here is the list of people that we are trying to find, because we didn't have an address or the mailing we sent was returned as undeliverable.  If you can help locate any of these people, or have a name that should be added to the list, please send the info to the  Ward Reunion Committee

Kent & Sherry Burton
Evelyn Badley
Robert Norton
Medina Pruitt
Bob Pruitt
Ulrich Family
Brant Edmonds
Norm Svelund
Doris Woodall
Ruth Henderson
The Carlston Sisters (Laurie, Marlene, etc.)
Manny Ruelas
Karen & Hugh Huxtable
Carl Kunz
ReAnn Ritter
Marvin Moss

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