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This is the place to catch up on (and maybe even make contact with) each other before the October reunion.  Look up the name in the first column.  In the second column, click on "Bio" to read  biographical information, click on "Pic" to see a recent photo, and click on the letter-number pairs to see other things that relate to the person, such as old photos or other memorabilia.  If you see a link we're missing, let us know (it is taking a while to complete the first pass).

Some biographies have been submitted by the people themselves, others have been written on their behalf (editor) by people "in the know."  Everyone is welcome to submit additions and/or corrections.  Please e-mail your submissions by clicking here: Ward Reunion Committee.  We will make sure you are included on this page, so everyone can learn about what you've been doing for the last 30 or so years.   Now don't be shy.  Be sure you include your e-mail address, perhaps a personal web page link, pictures, sound bytes, etc.  And, by all means, send us any information you have about others that should know about this event.  Check out the Lost and Found page.  With your help, we'll make contact and see if they want to be included on this page, and perhaps make it to the reunion.

ADAMS: Joey Adams Bio G12
ADAMS: Sylvia Adams
ALLEN: Larry Allen
ALLRED: Roxie Allred
AMBROSE: Rich Ambrose G4
ANDERSON: Amy Anderson Chambers Bio
ANDERSON: Andrea Anderson Balena Bio J1 J3
ANDERSON: Carla Anderson Bateson Bio Pic D9 F1 H6
ANDERSON: Doris Anderson
ANDERSON: John Anderson H6
ANDERSON: Robert Anderson
ARBUCKLE: Kim Beam Arbuckle
BALENA: Frank & Andrea Balena Bio J1 J3
BANFIELD: Phil & Harriette Banfield Bio
BANFIELD: Phil & Bonnie Banfield Bio
BANFIELD: Robert Bio H10
BANFIELD: Heather Bio
BATESON: Carla Anderson Bateson
BEAM: Bill Beam Bio
BEAM: Kim Beam Arbuckle Bio
BEAM: Tim Beam G2
BELT: Frant & Jerry Belt
BECKMAN: Linda Beckman
BECKSTROM: Mark & Anita Beckstrom Bio C4 C6
BECKSTROM: Keri Beckstrom F5
BEESLEY: M/M Bryant Beesley Bio Pic F8 I14
BENSON: Eddie Benson Hale Bio D4
BILINS: Larry Bilins
BITTLE: Jim Bittle E10
BLOOD: Kay Blood J3
BLOOMQUIST: Dean Bloomquist
BORJAS: Borjas Family
BORJAS: Lon Borjas G4
BRUMBY: Pam Brumby F1
BRUMBY: Sally Brumby Haley Bio D1 D9 E8 F1
BURTON: Sheri Burton F1
CAMPBELL: Dawn Campbell F5
CANNON: Cannon Family
CARPENTER: Wiley Carpenter
CATRON: Jim & Kim Catron
CHAMBERS: Amy Anderson Chambers
CLARK: George Clark D6
CLARK: Larita Clark D6
COMBS: Shayleen Combs Welton Bio
CONOVER:  Robert & Merna Conover Bio H7
CONOVER: Karen Conover D2
CRAIG: Mickie Craig
CUEN: Linda Cuen Sherwood H4
DAVIES: Don & Twila Davies
DAVIS: Gary & Jean Davis Bio C3 C6
DAVIS: Joan Davis F4
DAY: Bruce Day F8
DIAMOND: Michelle Diamond F5
DODGE: Dian Dodge Worthy
DORRESTYNE: Maria Dorrestyne Bio H5
DRISKILL: Burl Driskill C4
DUDLEY: Jesse & Eva Dudley Bio Pic D4 D5
DUDLEY: Peggy Dudley Fuller Bio E13
DUDLEY: Barbara Dudley Minkoff Bio B2
DUDLEY: Beverly Dudley Cantrell Bio J5
DUDLEY: Patti Dudley Jeppesen Bio
DUDLEY: Darlene Dudley Clegg Bio Pic
DUNN: Paul & Catherine Dunn Bio
DURAN: Tony Duran G2
DURAN: Jesse Duran G2
DYER: Kevin Dyer G3 G12
EDMONDS: Brant Edmonds G4
EDWARDS: Venice Edwards Bio
ESPARZA: Cindy Esparza F5
FORTIER: Ed Fortier
FREDRICKSON: Susan Fredrickson Quinn
FULTON: Bill & Charlene Bio
GAMAELICH: Noreen Gamaelich D4
GILLAN: Norm & Pat Gillan Bio C7
GILLAN: Randy Gillan Bio F1 G3 G12
GILLAN:: Margaret Gillan Bio D9 F1 H10
GILLAN: Patrick & Karen Gillan Bio F2
GILLAN: John Gillan Bio
GORNY: Andy Gorny
GOTTIER: Ronnie Roth (Gottier)
GOUVAS: G. Gouvas
GOUVAS: Betty Gouvas
GOUVAS: Pam Gouvas Hering Bio E4 F1
GOUVAS: Carolyn Gouvas Rees F1 J6
GREGOIRE: Fred Gregoire
GREGOIRE: Melvin Gregoire
GREGOIRE: Nora Gregoire I7 I14
GROSLAND: Bob & Myrna Grosland Bio B3 E11 E12 F11
GROSLAND: Katie Grosland Wininger Bio B3
GUDMUNDSON: Rolly Gudmundson
GUDMUNDSON: Robin Gudmundson Blake Bio
HARDESTY: Cheryl Milton Hardesty
HARDING: Stan & Betty Harding
HARING: Mickey Haring Nielson Bio
HARING: Mike & Pam Haring Bio
HASLAM: Mr. & Mrs. Kim Haslam Bio E12 I2
HASLAM: Linda Haslam Lamprey D5 E8 E10 F1
HAYES: Robin Hayes E1
HEINTZMAN: Chuck Heintzman D6
HEISLER: Sherry Heisler E1
HENDERSON: Ruth Henderson
HENDERSON: Marsha Henderson Bio Pic
HENRI: Mary Henri
HERRING: Robert Herring
HESS: Lee Hess E1
HESS: Greg Hess G4
HILTON: Bob Hilton
HILTON: Michael Hilton D4
HOLT: Norinne Holt Walton Bio C4 C5 C6
HOLT: Rosie Misner Holt
HOSKINS: LaMar & Brenda Hoskins
HUBBARD: Agnes Rijken Hubbard
HYRE: Mike Hyre D6
JACKSON: Jimmy Jackson D2
JACOBSMEYER: George Jacobsmeyer
JACOBSMEYER: Jon Jacobsmeyer Bio Pic
JACOBSMEYER: Cherilyn Jacobsmeyer B10 B14
JACOBSMEYER: Larry Jacobsmeyer B10
JACOBSMEYER: Marlene Jacobsmeyer B10 B13 B14
JACOBSMEYER: Loretta Jacobsmeyer B10
JACOBSMEYER: Hugo Jacobsmeyer B10 G12 B14
JACOBSMEYER: Robert Jacobsmeyer Bio B10
JACOBSMEYER: Roberta Jacobsmeyer Bio B10 D9 F1 F9 H5 I4
JEFFRIES: Judy Jeffries
JOHNSON: Dale & Beth Johnson
KEYSOR: Dick & Arlene Keysor Bio
KEMP: Bruce "Rocky" Kemp E9 G12
KEMP: Kevin Kemp I14
KINDRED: Ted & Iris Kindred Bio A8 A9 H3
KINDRED: Evan Kindred Bio G3
KINDRED: Kristy Kindred Adams Bio
KINDRED: Bob Kindred Bio B4 D1 D3 E3 E8 G3
KINDRED: Valorie Kindred  Bio D1 E4 F1 H4
KING: Bill King
KREY: Bob & Margaret Krey C7 D5
KUNZ: Carl Kunz G2
LAMPREY: Andy Lamprey Bio
LANNON: Bob Lannon G2
LEE: Joseph Lee A7 B14
LEE: Valois Lee
LEE: Eddie Lee F3 G3 G12
LEE: Bill Lee F8
LETHCOE: Larry Lethcoe
LETHCOE: Dale Lethcoe D2
LIVINGSTON: Bob & Marilyn Livingston Bio
LIVINGSTON: Karen Livingston Roland Bio D5 E12
LIVINGSTON: Cheryl Livingston Wick Bio F10
LIVINGSTON: Donna Livingston Keil Bio
LIVINGSTON: Kathy Livingston Slight Bio D9 H2
LIVINGSTON: Cynthia Livingston D9 H2
LLEWELLYN: Llewellyn Family
LLEWELLYN: Frank Llewellyn G2
LLEWELLYN: Greg Llewellyn G2
LLEWELLYN: Dave Llewellyn G2
LoGUERCIO: Hank LoGuercio G3
LOVE: Budd Love
LOVE: Cindy Love D5
LUCEY: Robert Lucey
LUND: Art & Lois Lund
LYANS: Bob & Dorothy Lyans Bio
LYANS: Bob & Amie Lyans Bio
LYANS: Richard & Margaret Lyans Bio D4
MACKAY: Wendell & Janette Mackay Bio B5
MACKAY: Ian Wendell Mackay Bio
MACKAY: Ronald James Mackay Bio
MACKAY: Thomas William Mackay Bio
MASON: Leona Reiner Mason
MASTERS: Guy Masters
McDANIEL: Marianne McDaniel Bio J4
McKEON: Howard McKeon B6
McKEON: Buck & Pat McKeon Bio D6 F4
McKEON: John McKeon Bio
McKEON: Joseph McKeon Bio B12
McKEON: Monte McKeon Bio
McKEON: Ms. Connie McKeon Bio
McKEON: Tim McKeon Bio
McROBBIE: Jody McRobbie Sparkuhl Bio
MEACHAM: Jim & Val Meacham Bio
MEACHAM: Art Meacham D6 G3
MEACHAM: Marv Meacham
MEACHAM: Shelly Meacham D2
MEHL: Bob & Linda Mehl Bio
MENOTTI: Jim Menotti
METCALF: Norm & Linda Metcalf Bio G4
METCALF: Ray Metcalf Bio
METCALF: Lyman Metcalf G2 G4
METCALF: Karl Metcalf G2
METCALF: Milan Metcalf
METCALF: Sharon Metcalf DeFigueiredo Bio
MEYER: Frank & Elaine Meyer Bio E11 F11
MEYER: Lygia Meyer Jolley Bio
MILAM: Gary Milam
MILAM: Mary Milam D2
MILLER: Lori Miller F1
MILTON: Barbara Milton Diamond F1
MILTON: Cheryl Milton Hardesty Bio F1 I13
MILTON: Pat Milton Koury
MINER: Ellis & Beverly Miner G2
MISNER: Rosie Misner Holt Bio D4 D5
MOLLENHAUER: Bob & Doris Mollenhauer Bio Pic I8
MOLLENHAUER: Mike Mollenhauer Bio D4 E1 F6
MOLLENHAUER: Steve Mollenhauer Bio Pic I11
MOONEY: Dorothy Madsen Mooney
MORGAN: Russell & Alice Morgan Bio
MORIN: Steve Morin E9
MYERS: Frank Myers
NASH: Wanda Nash Lindley Bio D9
NASH: Ted Nash D6 G12
NASH: Mark Nash D4 D6
NASH: Brian Nash Bio D3 F8 I2 I5
NEUENSWANDER: Ricky Neuenswander
NEWTON: Alan Newton
NIBLEY: Cynthia Nibley D4
NORMAN: Terri Norman F1
NORTON: Robert Norton
ODD: Charles & Joan Odd Bio Pic B7
ODD: David Odd B7
OKERLUND: Brian & Ann Okerlund Bio
OLIVER: Dick Oliver
OLIVER: Tim Oliver H4
ORLOSSY: Christine Orlossy F5
PABST: Tom & Melanie Pabst
PAIALII: Goddard Paialii G4
PERRISEAU: Robin Perriseau
PEW: Ron & Sharon Pew Bio
PROVOST: Dave & Yvonne Provost Bio
QUATTROCCHI: Mary Ann Quattrocchi C7 D8
RASMUSSEN: Sally Rasmussen Olson
REINER: Leona Reiner Mason
RHODES: Rockne Rhodes H9
RIJKEN: Agnes Rijken Hubbard
RITTER: Joseph Ritter
ROUNDY: Merrill Roundy
ROWE: Ron Rowe
ROYLANCE: Thom Roylance Bio D1 I6 I14
ROYLANCE: Karin Roylance Miller D1 D9 I7 I14
ROYLANCE: Bron Roylance Bio B7 D3 F8
ROYLANCE: Eric Roylance I11
RUELAS: Manny Ruelas I12
RUELAS: Tony Ruelas Bio B7 D1 F8 H8
SARROS: George & Ricki Sarros
SCHIRMEISTER: R. Schirmeister
SCHUPP: Jim & Carol Schupp C4
SCHUPP: Carrie Schupp F5
SCOTT: Paul Scott F1
SEBRING: Dale & Gloria Sebring Bio J2
SHARP: Peggy Sharp D5 F1
SHIMIZU: Mrs. Jean Shimizu Takashi C5
SINDEN: Eleanor Sinden Bio
SKINNER: Wallace & Hazel Skinner Bio A9 E12
SKINNER: Shelley Skinner Scott Bio
SKINNER: Eileen Skinner Tolboe Bio Pic
SKINNER: Paula Skinner Wadsworth Bio
SKINNER: Brett Skinner Bio
SKINNER: Kim Skinner Bio G4
SKINNER: Kevin Skinner Bio G4
SMITH: Jim & Marie Smith Bio
SMITH: Richard Smith
SMITH: Robert & Tanya Smith Bio
SMITH: Leroi Smith G4
SMYRES: Becky Smyres Johnson
SMYRES: Clancy Smyres G2
SMYRES: Randy Smyres
SMYRES: Dan Smyres G2 H6
SOLBERG: Kent & Erica Solberg
SPEAS: Jim & Joyce Speas E11
SPENCER: Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Spencer Bio
SPRIGGS: Cindy Spriggs D1
SPRIGGS: Wayne Spriggs Bio D1
STEWART: Marvin Stewart
STEWART: Steve Stewart
STOKES: Jim Stokes
STOLL: Roland & Anna Jane Stoll Bio E5
SVELAND: Norm Sveland
SWANER: Ray Swaner G12
SWANER: Steve Swaner Bio E10 G3 G12
SWANER: Chris Swaner Abbott Bio D5 E10
SWANER: Scott Swaner B7 D1 H1
SWANER: Cori Swaner Bio D1 H8
TAKASHI: Mrs. Jean Shimizu Takashi
TAYLOR: John & Clea Taylor  Bio Pic I2 I8
TAYLOR: Linda Taylor Madison Bio D4 D5 D7 E9 E10
TAYLOR: John Taylor (Jr.) Bio B4 B8 D1 E1 E3 G3
TAYLOR: Paula Taylor Jones Bio D1
TAYLOR: Steve Taylor Bio F2
THOMSON: Lee Thomson Bio G3 G12
THOMSON: Scott Thomson G3 G12
THOMSON: Gene & Carol Thomson Bio
THOMSON: Terry Thomson Bio
THOMSON: Patrice Thomson Watson Bio Pic
VERHAGEN: Tony & Barbara Verhagen
WALKER: Paul & June Walker Bio
WALKER: Rhett Walker
WALTERS: George Walters
WHITCOMB: Loren Whitcomb
WILLIAMS: Wayne Williams Bio B9
WINSTEAD: Dudley Winstead
WISE: Mrs. Lila Wise
WOLFORD: Merritt Wolford
WOOD: Pete Wood
WOOD: Rowetta D1
WOOD: Don D1 I3
WOODALL: Doris Woodall D4
WORTHY: Dian Dodge Worthy
WOZNIAK: John Wozniak G2
YANCEY: Steve Yancey B11

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