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squaws.jpg (44714 bytes) D9- Top: Roberta Jacobsmeyer, Sally Brumby, Margaret Gillan, ?, ?, ?, Karin Roylance, ? Rasmussen
Bottom: Cynthia Livingston, Wanda Nash, Carla Anderson, Kathy Livingston
prikids2.jpg (32269 bytes) D8- Again, a primary class at the Christmas program.  Who can identify the adults or children?  The teacher seated on the front left is Mary Ann Quattrocchi.  The little girl 6 places to the right of Mary Ann is from the Burton family.
priclass.jpg (29607 bytes) D7- A primary class on the stage.  Looks like a Christmas program.  Is that Linda Tayor sitting on the right?  Anyone want to try identifying the children?
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scouts2.jpg (39345 bytes)
D6- Here are two pictures, submitted by Iris Kindred, of a Cub Scout Birthday Dinner in 1958.  The Den Mother is Laurita Clark and the Boy Scout Assistant is Chuck Heintzman. The row of kids is where the guessing begins.  According to Iris it's L to R: Mike Hyer, Art Meacham, George Clark, Mark Nash, Bob McKeon.  Others have a different opinion, thinking the Nash boy is Ted, and doubting the identifications of Mike Hyre and Bob McKeon.  Anyone else care to make their guess?  Notice the original floor (now covered with carpet)  in the second picture.
D5- 1967 Mia Maid Class
Back Row: Karen Livington,  Margaret Krey, Peggy Sharp, ?, Linda Haslam
Middle Row: Beverly Dudley, Cindy Love, Linda Taylor (Check out the Doo!)
Front Row:  Christy Swaner, Rosie Misner, ?
D4- Doris Woodall and her Sunday School class, around 1958.
Back Row:  Michael Hilton, Mark Nash, Mike Mollenhauer, Richard Lyans, ?, Noreen Gamaelich.
Front Row:  Rosie Misner, ?, Cynthia Nibley, Beverly Dudley, Eddie Benson, Linda Taylor.
D3- Bron Roylance, Brian Nash, and Bob Kindred pick up their Eagle Scout Awards, 1968?
D2- n living color!  These kids are probably now about 37 years old. 
BACK:  ?, Jimmy Jackson, Dale Lethco, ?, ?
FRONT:  Shelly Meacham, ?, Karen Conover, Mary Milam
D1- Now this is a real challenge!
BACK:  ?, ?, ?, ?, Paula Taylor, Corey Swaner, ?, Cindy Spriggs, ?, ?, ?, ?, Sally Brumby
MIDDLE:  ?, ?, Valorie Kindred, ?, Roetta Wood, Karin Roylance, ?, ?, ?, ?
FRONT:  Scott Swaner, Tony Ruelas, ?, ?, ?, Thom "tennis shoes" Roylance, John Taylor, Wayne Spriggs, Don Wood, Bob Kindred 

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