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dance4.jpg (54141 bytes) E13- Peggy Dudley, front & center.  Can you name anyone else in this photo?
dance3.jpg (36874 bytes) E12- Dance Festival: Someone sees Hazel Skinner, Kim Haslam, Myrna & Bob Grosland, and Karen Livingston in this photo.  Can you help identify where in the photo they are?
dance2.jpg (45185 bytes) E11- Dance Festival: Joyce & Jim Speas in blue, Bob & Myrna Grosland in red, Elaine & Frank Meyer in green, and Al and Mary Minster.
dance1.jpg (38504 bytes) E10- Dance Festival: Steve Swaner, Linda Taylor, Linda Haslam, Jim Bittle, Chris Swaner
costume.jpg (26400 bytes) E9- Must have had a Halloween party.  L to R: Rocky Kemp, ?, Steve Morin, Linda Taylor
dancers.jpg (26051 bytes) E8- So far, this is the only picture we have of the many dance groups:  Looks like that Linda Haslam, Bob Kindred, and Sally Brumby.  Anyone recognize the others?
santa.jpg (28782 bytes) E7- Santa visits the Primary (or visa versa).
cakes.jpg (22418 bytes) E6- The Mutual held a cake baking contest.
judge.jpg (21832 bytes) E5- I think that's Rowland Stoll as one of the judges, showing that church service can sometimes be a very sweet opportunity.
winner1.jpg (17650 bytes) E4- Valorie Kindred and Pam Gouvas show off their winning entry.
winner2.jpg (17069 bytes)  E3- John Taylor and Bob Kindred demonstrate that the Young Men can also win bakery contests.
winner3.jpg (15265 bytes) E2- Another winning entry.  Someone help us with the name.
E1- This article is from the August '67 Acquainter.  Ah, the days when there were powerful rewards for going to seminary.

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