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fashionqueens.jpg (53230 bytes) F11- Elaine Meyer and Myrna Grosland - Girls Certification - June, 1972.
cheryl.jpg (60292 bytes) F10- Cheryl Livingston - June 19, 1972 - Tujunga Ward Parking lot - Girls Certification Camp.
crasn.jpg (33982 bytes) F9- Roberta Jacobsmeyer - Tujunga Ward snow party at Frazier Park - Winter 1971
F8- A few famous faces on the beach.  Any guesses on the year?  BOTTOM TO TOP:  Bill Lee, Bruce Day, Bryant Beesley, Tony Ruelas, Bron Roylance, Brian Nash.
snow.jpg (29637 bytes) F7- We need a lot of help with the names in this photo.  Who is having a good time in the snow?
mmpose.jpg (29177 bytes) F6- A lost treasure!!!  From an old, almost lost negative.  And I'm sure Mike would have preferred it that way.  Hey Mike, this will test whether you are checking the S-T WebSite.  We'll know as soon as you tell us to delete this photo.  I know you've never seen it before, since it was never developed ('til now!).  I think this scene was from the Mutual production of "Julius Ceasar."  Ah, the classics!!
ywyouthconf.jpg (33275 bytes) F5- Sunland Girls at Youth Conference: Carrie Schupp, Christine Orlossy, Dawn Campbell, Cindy Esparza, ?, Keri Beckstrom, ?, Michelle Diamond.
bucknjoan.jpg (84624 bytes) F4- Buck McKeon and Joan Davis in front of the ward, around 1956-57.
F3- An article from the "Acquainter" ward newsletter, with Eddie Lee in the spotlight, 1968.
F2- What appears to be a still from a Hardy Boys movie is just Pat Gillan and Steven Taylor in an old copper mine at a Ward Father & Son outing at the former Soledad Sands park in Acton, CA.  Steven's Dad took the picture.
F1- Carolyn Gouvas wrote the "Teen Corner" article for the ward newsletter in August 1967.

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