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ycprog.jpg (39250 bytes) H12- The program for the Stake Youth Conference in 1972.
ycgroup.jpg (30309 bytes) H11- The youth gather at the Stake Center.
ycban.jpg (31983 bytes) H10- Faces in the crowd.  Recognize anyone?  I think that's Robert Banfield, and Margaret Gillan over his left shoulder.
ycrr.jpg (31531 bytes) H9- Rockne Rhodes.  Thanks to an avid web surfer for filling in the missing information.
yctony.jpg (29768 bytes) H8- Cori Swaner and Tony Ruelas.
ycbusc.jpg (28011 bytes) H7- Robert Conover gives instructions on the bus.
ycbusj.jpg (29309 bytes) H6- John Anderson shows his talents.  Dan Smyres looks on in true amazement, while Carla looks like she wishes her little brother remained at home!  
ycbusr.jpg (29513 bytes) H5- Roberta, Maria, and ?.
ycltv.jpg (38122 bytes) H4- Linda Cuen, Tim Oliver, and Valorie Kindred.
yciris.jpg (28112 bytes) H3- Iris Kindred
ycliv.jpg (26530 bytes) H2- Can you identify these cousins?  Yes, it's Cynthia and Kathy Livingston.
ycscott.jpg (20446 bytes) H1- Scott enjoying breakfast.  Who is behind his fork?

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