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Mom & Dad Couch 2.jpg (62729 bytes)
Mom & Dad couch.jpg (59141 bytes)
Mom & Dad kissing.jpg (59430 bytes) (John) And Al Gore says this was HIS idea.
Mom & Dad Wedding.jpg (66645 bytes)
Mom Surprise.jpg (43617 bytes) (Linda) No doubt, she could have upstaged Betty Crocker.  But she chose, instead, to stay home and raise her adorable children!
(John) Mom, I'd like to take a more recent picture like this.  When is your next double-cake performance?
Mom_Beach.jpg (8909 bytes)
Mom-Dress 3.jpg (65964 bytes)
Mom-Dress.jpg (43878 bytes) (Linda) I LOVE this sweet picture.  It's the night they were engaged.  Notice the hand with the ring, so happily place on top.
Dad.jpg (15918 bytes) (Steve) Dad, while he was in the army around 1950 or so.  Note the picture of Mom on his 'executive desk' as (I assume) he writes his sweetheart a letter.
UniformGomer.JPG (59968 bytes)
Mom_Bear.jpg (20536 bytes) (John) Mom demonstrates the powers of taming wild animals.  Is this compliant with the policies at Yellowstone?  I don't think they let you get that close anymore.
Mom_Picnic.jpg (52101 bytes) (John) Looks like a fine day for a picnic.  $1 for the first person that can identify the liquid refreshment for this occasion, on the far right of the picture.