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Joey Adams   return to index
Liver-lid Adams here, '......... Houston we have no problem.'  I have had the date in mind ever since you sent me the flyer but it wasn't until just today that I arranged my time at Southwest to be available working only till 10am at the Burbank airport that day.  I haven't seen the website (guess I looked past it but will after this email.)  Bio requests are there I presume.  Might you know what is on the agenda?  (How many times can you say 'Hi, good to see you' in 7 hours?)  So, count me in!  Joe (Joey to my Calif. friends and family) PS- Will there be Taylor-made root beer floats or Clea's famous Cherry dessert? That'd seal my fate without a doubt if so. I suspect that you're aware that my only regular contact with the Church are social visits via Norm & Pat Gillan ....... plus my kids who are all active. Looking to hear & see you. (E-mail:
More from Joey:  Lynnelle-28-mother to 3 boys-Boise, Idaho-husband Bill King employed by Hewlett-Packard as mechanical engineer Aaron-24-wife Rachael (Hunter)-1 son (that makes 4 grandsons if you're counting)-just graduated from Utah State University (Logan)-now at BYU pursuing Master's in Geology and I'm very excited to say he is interviewing with Exxon & Anadarko for summer internships (can't wait to hear back!!!) Heather-17-Senior at Mountain Crest High in Hyrum Utah-good student, doing great, planning to see her this month & take in a football game, lives with Kristy in Nibley, Utah, this summer she & I went for 4 days to Puerta Vallarta and experienced the culture while 'roughing it' at the Sheraton Hotel. Kristy- (perhaps you're getting data from her, however.....)-living in Nibley, works for Macey's Market, still doing crafty things, loves the Cache Valley, always ready to welcome friends from everywhere & anywhere, opened her own flower shop in Hyrum a while ago but didn't have enough business to keep it going unfortunately (Heather got her chance to develop arranging skills & doing various business tasks - Aaron even helped with the computer system keeping books)

Amy Anderson Chambers   return to index
(editor) Married about two years ago, and is gloriously happy. Maybe she's too busy traveling and having fun to send in her bio yet, but we understand that she will be at the reunion. Amy? Fill us in! 

Andrea Anderson Balena   return to index
Hi! Dear Friends of years passed! It will be great seeing you all again. Frank and I are going on 35 years of blissful marriage, with two loving sons and a "new" lovely daughter-in-law. We feel very, very blessed in our lives.
Our son, John Joseph Balena, served a two-year mission in Bristol & Wales, England. The last six months of his mission, he was called to be Assistant to the Mission President. After that he attended the University of Utah, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance. Currently, John resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and works for Zion'' Capital Markets. He isn't married yet, but is looking forward to an eternal sweetheart.
Our son, Arthur John Balena, attended Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial and Industrial Photography. Art was married to his eternal sweetheart, Tina Olsen (now, Tina Balena!) on November 14, 1998, in the Los Angeles Temple. They reside in Santa Clarita, California.
Frank is still with Lockheed-Martin. He has been with them 40 years now and received the Kelly Johnson Inventor of the Year Award for 1998. He loves taking care of our yard and home. I love being a homemaker, cooking, sewing, quilting and gardening. I made pickles, relish and apricot jam from our garden this summer. Now, we're enjoying apples from our trees.
We love having our kids all together here at home. There is nothing more precious than your family, husband and children. God bless you all.
Here is one of my favorite poems:
  To Make a House a Home
      It takes a lot of loving
      To make a house a home;
      To make a place of comfort
      Out of wood and wire and stone.
      It takes photographs and souvenirs
      And knick-knacks on the shelves,
      Memories of the ones we love
      And pieces of ourselves.
      It's flowers planted by the door,
      And dinner on the stove.
      The kind of life lived down to earth,
      With guidance from above.
      But, really, what it takes the most
      Is kindness that is shown
      By people and the love they spend
      To make a house a home.
  By Judith Bond, 1983
Love to all of you, from Andrea Balena & Family

Carla Anderson Bateson   return to index
Hello all you old Farts!  So good to hear that most of you are still kicking! This is Carla Anderson Bateson speaking.  Reporting to you from Pearblossom, Ca. (you know, that little town you pass when you are on your way to Las Vegas or Utah.) ( The kind of town that you say,"Who would live here ?"). Well, I am married to a wonderful man (John) of 14 years. All together we have 7 children.   (See their pictures!)  Amber (20) & Moriah(19) from my first marriage; September (20) & Dustin (19) from John's first marriage AND Ciera (12), Cheyanne (10), & Rachel (10) from OUR marriage.  Yes, we have twins!  It was a shock!  I still work for Lucky Market 26 years now.  My husband works for Northrop Aircraft on the B-2. We have 5 horses, 2 dogs, 1 dead cat, fishes, and flies.  We also enjoy boating and camping so we visit the lake alot.  We are all very active in church with various jobs that keep us real busy.  My children are all looking forward to meeting all of you, after all the crazy stories I've told them about my growing up time.  Actually, I am looking forward to seeing all of you, can't wait!  And don't worry if you might think you look older or a little pudgier, so do we all! Until October- Toodles!  Carla E-mail:  (Love to hear from ya!)

Robert Banfield   return to index
Greetings!  I'm taking you up on your request for information on our whereabouts.  My folks, Phil and Harriette Banfield are currently living in Morro Bay, here on the Central Coast.  Dad unfortunately requires constant care; he is at the rest home.  His mind is still pretty times. Mom is in good health.
Phil and Bonnie Banfield are in Lancaster.  Phil is still praciting law, and Bonnie works for a local school district.  All four of their children are married.  They are PROUD grandparents.
Heather is currently living in Morro Bay.  She is supervising a pre-school/day care facility.  She has one daughter who recently married and is living in Chicago and a son who just finished a mission in Pocatelo, Idaho.
Jill and I (Rob) live on the Central Coast also (just around the bay from my folks).  I teach 3rd grade at a school just down the block from our house and Spanish at a local JC.  Jill is about to complete here credential work.  Our eldest of 4 begins his mission in Buenos Aires in just a few days.  (Rob's e-mail is:

Bill Beam   return to index
(editor) Bill & Delcie have lived an adventurous life in Alaska for a while. Back in Lancaster now, keeping busy working and spending time with children and grandchildren.

Kim Beam Arbuckle   return to index
(editor) Lives in Palmdale, married to a wonderful guy and added three step-children to her own two.

Mark and Anita Beckstrom   return to index
(editor) Still live in Sunland. Real troopers from the early days!

Mark Beckstrom   return to index
Sunland ward member from 1957-1976.  After mission to Venezuela, married Alice Valantine (La Crescenta Ward).  Graduated from Cal State Northridge and received master's degree from BYU. Returned to southern California (La Crescenta Ward) from 1980 to 1997. Moved to Houston.  Working as a principal consultant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  Alice and I have four sons - Ammon (married last year to Lynette Steward of Katy, TX), Austin, a senior at Katy-Taylor High, Alexander Ted (10) and Andrew Joseph (6).  (e-mail:

Bryant Beesley   return to index
Bryant currently resides in rural northeast Michigan with his wife Loni (LaVonne Louise Holland), his father-in-law Jack Holland, Wazi (120 lb. Rottwieler), and Cody (the cat).  Loni is a St Pauly girl, having grown up in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I met my lovely wife in our Rochester, Minnesota ward while I was on staff at Mayo Clinic as a clinical associate in the department of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  We were married August 7, 1993.  (See their picture!)  We were both previously married and both are so grateful that this time it is much better.  Before graduating from BYU in 1979, Bryant married in May, 1979. The great divide, or better, the great unilateral divide occurred in the Fall of 1989.  There were three beautiful daughters as a result of that marriage.  Hannah 19, Laura 18, and Jessica 15.  And the first grandson born April 14, 1999 in West Branch, Michigan.  After graduating from BYU in June, 1979, Bryant enter medical school at the University of Utah and graduated in June, 1983.  Then relocated in Detroit, Michigan and completed a grueling 5 years in general surgery residency training in June, 1988.  He was then invited to join the staff at Mayo Clinic and remained on staff in the department of Cardiothoracic Surgery until September, 1993.  In September, 1994 Bryant and Loni relocated to West Branch, Michigan.  Currently Bryant works in emergency medicine as an independent contractor at several hospitals.  Bryant's address is 1943 S. Ogemaw Trail, West Branch, MI 48661, and his e-mail address is   His telephone number is (517) 873-4717.

Eddie Benson Hale   return to index
(editor) Lives in Pocatello, Idaho, with husband and sons. Works in computer center at the university.

Sally Brumby Haley   return to index
It was so nice to hear from Iris.  This is Sally Brumby Haley.  I can be reached at  I live at 6626 Haywood Street, Tujunga.  I am currently wanting to move to Santa Clarita.  I work at Verdugo Hills Hospital in Labor & Delivery.  And I love it.  I have returned to college to get my RN.  My oldest son is a retired Navy Seal, now working at UCLA Hyperbaric Chamber.  My youngest is serving as a survival swim instructor in Pohang, Korea for the USMC.  Please keep me posted.  And please write me everyone.  I can't wait for the reunion.

Shayleen Combs Welton   return to index
(editor) Lives in Palmdale and has promised to send her bio. We're still waiting, Shayleen!

Robert & Merna Conover   return to index
We still live in the same home in Tujunga that we moved into in 1962.  I retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in August 1998, after spending most of 40 years there.  Merna and I are planning to go on a mission sometime in the future.  For now we keep busy as Ordinance workers in the Los Angeles Temple as well as our callings in the Verdugo Hills 2nd Ward.  We now have 15 grandchildren. Wayne and his wife Karen Conover live in Fremont, CA where Wayne manages a Japanese company that markets silicon wafers, as well as other products.  They have three children, Nick 14, Jewel 12, and Leyna 4. Karen and her husband Pat Gillan live in American Fork, Utah.  Pat works for the company that makes almost all of the large accordion doors found in the LDS churches, as well as other security doors.  They have three children, Ryan, who is a missionary in Korea, Brett 16, and Shannon 8. Jeffrey and his wife Debbie recently moved from the Bay area to Tucson. Jeff is the manager of the Charles Schwab office in Tucson.  They have three children, Christopher 8, Michael 6, and Daniel nine months. Connie and her husband Mark Smith, live in Lancaster, CA. Mark works as an accountant at Lockheed/Martin in Palmdale.  They have four little girls. Stephanie 8, Ashley 6, Brittany 4, and Natalie 2. Paul and his wife Shari live in Lake Forest, CA (which is in Orange County).  Paul is a Patent Attorney for a firm located in Newport Beach.  They have two children, Benjamin 3 and Emily about five months, I think.  (Merna is not here right now so I may have been slightly creative about the ages of our grandchildren, but they are close)  Nathan, the baby, returned from his mission in the Philippines last year, and is currently reenrolled at Utah Valley State College in Provo.  He now thinks he would like to follow in the foot steps of Jeffrey, in the stock brokerage business.

Gary & Jean Davis   return to index
(editor) Just got in contact with them. Living in Frasier Park. Gary said he will send something into the website soon, and they will be at the reunion.

Maria Dorrestyne   return to index
(editor) From Iris:  Maria Dorrestyne was an exchange student, thanx to Valorie K.'s invitation to come from The Netherlands, live with Kindred family, and graduate from Verdugo Hills High School in about 1971.  She now lives in the Netherlands with her husband, Jan.

Jesse & Eva Dudley   return to index
Jesse & Eva left Tujunga along with Darlene in 1974.  All the other girls were married.  We then lived in Porterville, CA 'til 1985 when we left for the Melborne Australia Mission.  On our return we made our home in Kamas, Utah.  In 1987 we were called to serve as part-time (3 days a week) missionaries in the Family History library in Salt lake.  In 1990 Jesse had a small stroke which limited him somewhat, but he was able to continue genealogy work for the library at home.  [See their family picture, taken on Jesse & Eva's 50th wedding anniversary in Nov 1995 - back: Eva & Jesse, front: Barbara, Patti, Peggy, Darlene, Beverly]  In May of 1998 a severe stroke left him paralyzed and he died one week later.  The Dudley girls enjoy being grandmas and Eva now has 21 grandchildren, 5 greats, and 3 on the way.

Peggy Dudley Fuller   return to index
In 1968, Peggy married Bill Fuller, of La Canada.  They lived in Utah, then northern California and back to Utah in 1979.  They have 5 children--2 girls and 3 boys.  Daughter, Nikki, graduated from the University of Utah.  Both girls are married, one lives in Utah and one in S. Dakota.  The oldest son served his mission in Fresno and is now working and attending school.  The second boy is presently serving in the Sao Paulo Brazil Mission.  The third son is in high school.  Bill works in construction and Peggy works for a Union Pacific Railway Insurance Co.  Peggy would like Bro. Lee Hess to know she very much feels her testimony of the Gospel really started in his seminary class, and she thanks him for that.

Barbara Dudley Minkoff   return to index
Barbara married Robert Minkoff in 1973, and they have lived in the Eagle Rock area ever since.  Bob is a production executive for Universal Studios and Barb is a busy stay-at-home mom.  They have 3 sons and 1 daughter.  The oldest son, Matt, is married and has one child and another on the way.  The next two boys work and attend school, and 15-year-old Megan is in high school.

Beverly Dudley Cantrell   return to index
Beverly was a single mom for several years after her marriage ended in divorce.  Then in 1983 she married Rod Cantrell and they live in Reedley, California where they both work and operate a peach orchard.  Bev's daughter, Kara, lives and works in Fresno and son, Ryan, graduated from Humbolt University in 1998 and is now living and working in Colorado.

Patti Dudley Jeppesen   return to index
Patti came to Utah in 1985 with Jesse and I, and stayed in our home with her sons while Jesse and I were in Australia. After many years as a single mom, she married Brent Jeppesen in 1994. Patti has 4 sons and Brent has 3 sons and 1 daughter. At this time all but 3 of these children are married. Patti and Brent live and work in Garland, Utah.

Darlene Dudley Clegg   return to index
After graduating from BYU, Darlene taught school in Kamas, Utah.  In 1981 she married Jack Clegg, a widower with four young sons.  They added another son and daughter to their family, giving them 6 children in all.  Now 3 of the 6 are married and adding children of their own.  Darlene teaches Spanish and music at the middle school and Jack works in the mines in Park City and has a wedding business he runs from his home, and with the help of his sons and daughter, Chelsea, and Darlene, they operate a cattle ranch, besides carrying a full load of church duties and activities.
[see their family picture!  Left to Right: starting at back row Jack, Phil, Jim, Clint, Justin Jennifer, Stephanie, Tyree, Darlene Chelsea, Shawn, Jackson]
Mom asked me to sum up my life for the last 25 years, and keep it brief. No easy task. I am assuming that whoever is reading this does not know of my whereabouts and probably doesn't remember the last of the line of Dudley girls. I am the youngest, biggest and have the most kids. So far I also have the most grandkids (2) but Barb is going to catch me in November. After I left Tujunga (it seems so long ago, so why do I still have dreams about the old church building?) I attended 5 different colleges, finally graduating from BYU, much to the shock of my parents. No, not that I graduated but that I attended BYU. Not only did I attend just in Provo, but also in Laie, Hawaii and studied abroad in Spain. while in Provo I did see two former Tujungans: Tony Ruelas and Bob Banfield who just recently having returned from a mission (Ecuador?) did not blink an eye when a fly was swimming across his gravy at a restaurant I had recommended. Bravo, Bob.
I graduated in elementary education with a minor in Spanish and music. I taught elementary in a beautiful, small town northeast of Provo for two years. After not dating for the entire two years I lived there, I was convinced that I would die an "old maid" if I remained in Kamas. Five days before I was to leave this town forever, I met a charming widower with four lively boys and immediately fell in love...with the four boys. I grew to love Jack as well, and we married soon after we met in the Salt Lake Temple. We moved to a dairy farm and started milking cows. We are still there after 18 years but we are no longer milking cows. We raise beef cows and hay. We purchased a beautiful appaloosa from Pam Gouvas Haring a few years ago, and my husband has steadily added to the herd of horses each year. I see Tamlyn and Harold every year on Labor Day when they come to ride "Blaze".
I am teaching at the middle school in Kamas. I teach Spanish, chorus, Utah history and guitar. Jack is a supervisor at Park City Mines, has a welding business and farms on the side.
Our oldest son, Phil, went on a mission to billings, Montana and married Jennifer Sweat in the Salt lake Temple. They have a beautiful baby gifl, 7 months old, Kaitlyn. Phil works at U.V.S.C. and is also attending school there. Jennifer is a secretary for the dean of U.V.S.C. and also goes to school.
Clint gave up his rodeo and ranching career when he married Tyree Sargent in the Salt Lake Temple. They have an energetic 19-month-old, Jackson, who keeps his mom busy at home. Clint is welding at Reese's Metal Works in Henefer.
Justin lives with us and works at the mine in Park City with his dad. He tells us he will be engaged to Megan Siddoway as soon as she asks him. Justin helps with the ranching and welding business.
Jimmy is in the air force and is looking forward to civilian life in December. He is trained as a lineman and has many skills as an electrician. He has repaired many things on the farm for us. His wife, Stephanie, is on the dean's list at Westminster, where she is now a junior.
Shawn is an honor student at South Summit High School, where he enjoys football, football, and football. He is in charge of the watering of the hay fields. He mows, rakes, bales, and hauls the hay in the summer. (All the boys have had their turn, he laments that he is six years younger than Jimmy and the only one still employed full time on the farm!)
Chelsea is the youngest and only girl. Need I say more! she helps move pipe for the irrigation of the hay fields and is in charge of mowing the lawns of the family members in Kamas. She loves horses, people and babies. Chelsea loves to talk on the phone and sing.
Our kids are all unique and yet they have similar qualities. They are all very helpful and supportive of Jack and I. They are all good natured and they all love to tease. They are very respectful and kind to their grandparents. So far, they live close enough to us that they come home most every wekend. We love to go boating, camping and hunting together. The boys have all achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. They all know how to harness a team of horses, raise hay, repair farm equipment, break a horse, track an elk, do laundry, change diapers and sing old country songs like Johnny Hortin. We do fight occasionally over things like who gets to hold the grandkids, who has worked the hardest on the farm and who has to say the prayer. To quote a dear friend of ours, Betty Gouvas, "Life is good"!  (Our address is P.O. Box 417, Kamas, UT 84036)

Paul & Catherine Dunn   return to index
We are delighted to come to the reunion. Look forward to seeing everyone there. They are living in Rancho Cucamonga. Paul is now a strong 85 years old. He has just overcome a battle with lung cancer and had part of his lung removed. But he is now cancer free and feeling great. Catherine is 83 years old, and still as sweet as ever. Catherine suffers from Alzheimers diease, so doesn't remember family members, but is a happy lady. It will be great to see you all.

Venice Edwards   return to index
(editor) The oldest living member of the original Sunland Branch!!

Bill & Charlene Fulton   return to index
Hello to all.  I am Bill Fulton.  I moved from Sunland Ward in July of 1977, moving to Frazier Park with my wife, Charlene, and family.  In the intervening years my three son's, Kirk, Craig, and Kevin and my daughter Kristin have grown up and married.  Kirk lives in Brownsville, Texas with his wife and one son and two daughters.  Kristin lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two sons.  Craig lives in Simi Valley with his wife, son and two daughters.  Kevin also lives in Simi Valley with his wife and daughter.  I retired from the LAPD after 25 1/2 years and went to work for the DMV as an Investigator.  Charlene and I are still active in the church.  Charlene is a Primary teacher and I am the Ward Mission Leader.  We would love to attend the reunion, but will be in Utah at that time with my daughter and family.  We will have to come and visit the old ward some Sunday.  Take care, Bill Fulton 

Norm & Pat Gillan   return to index
(editor) Excited about the reunion, but still haven't sent in any info.  They live in Sunland and spend time in Arizona.  We think they have a rental home there?  They will be at the reunion!

Randy Gillan   return to index
Randy lives in Sacramento.  He and his wife, DeVonne, have three children, ages 20, 18, and 10.  Randy works for the state of California as a System Software Specialist, and has a fledgling Property Management Business.  His phone number is: (916) 971-1423  E-mail: 

Margaret Gillan  see Richard & Margaret Lyans

Patrick Gillan   return to index
Karen and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  Where has all the time gone?  We have three great kids: Ryan (19) who just finished his first year at BYU and recently left to serve a mission in Seoul, Korea;  Brett (16) who is a junior in high school and our most recent "licensed driver";  and Shannon (9) who is the center of her Dad's universe.  We lived for 14 years in Lancaster but moved a year ago to American Fork, Utah when I was made Regional Service Manager for the Won-Door Corp. and transferred to their corporate offices in Salt Lake City.  We would love to hear how everyone's doing! Our email address is:

John Gillan   return to index
Howdy...Greetings from the last of the the Gillan clan ( John ).  My family and I are still in Sunland, active in the Sunland Ward.  In fact, I married a member of the old Sunland Ward, Elise Stoll.  Her parents are Rowland and Anna Jane (both of whom still live in the area).  We have 2 beautiful daughters (Nicole 9 & Morgan 2), and a handsome son (Jeffrey 6).  We are looking forward to seeing all you people who have no idea who we are.  [E-mail:]

Pam Gouvas Haring  see Mike & Pam Haring

Bob & Myrna Grosland   return to index
We have been busy as Bob had to have surgery and I managed to break a leg playing paint ball with our kids and grandkids.  We are doing well.  Myrna retired the end of January and Bob will the last day in November.  We hope to go on a Mission by March 1st.  We sent copies of the announcement to all our children.  Katie lives here in Utah with her 6 children, I see she has already sent you information.  Scott is in Phoenix, married has 2 children, Robert Scott and Wenona by a previous marriage and he and Sara have 3 children, Brian,Bradley and Kristen.  Tim and Lee live in Pleasant Grove, Utah and have 2 children, Dusty Lee and Cody Tim.  Bill and Robin live in Springville, Utah and have 5 children, Jessica, Samantha, Caroline, Nicholas and Hannah.  Ron and Kim live in Hyrum, Utah and have 3 children, Christine, Ron Ethan and Sara.  Heidi is not married and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our Indian daughters -- Reva lives in Grey Mountain, Az on the Navajo Reservation and Beverly lives with Katie here in Utah.  We are looking forward to retirement, a mission and then we hope to travel the U.S. and Canada for a couple of years in our motor home.  That is the dream.  We are planning to be at the reunion and think it will be great fun.  We were the first to be married in the Sunland Ward Chapel by Bishop Wallace Skinner.  It is so hard to believe that was 41 years ago.  Our address is: 490 East 1050 North, Orem, Utah 84097.  Our Phone: 801 224 4238.  Our E-mail or  Bill's E-mail:  Ron's E-mail:  Tim's E-mail: I will have to get it and give it to you later.  Have fun, Bob and Myrna Grosland

Katie Grosland Wininger   return to index
Hello everyone!  This is Katie Grosland Wininger.  I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Dad and Mom live in Orem.  Tim, Bill, Ron, & Heidi are also scattered around Utah.  Scott is in Phoenix, AZ.  I will let them fill you in on their families.  I married Ivan Wininger from Canyon Country in 1980.  We have traveled a little.  We lived in Holland for 4 years, then Phoenix for about 5 years, then back to California for about 2 1/2 years, then off to Utah.  Utah has been home for about six years now.  I love it!  I have 4 girls and 2 boys.  Tashina is 18 and off to the University of Utah in the fall. Katrina is 17, Mindy 16, Lance 14, Natasha 11, Colton 9 all keep Aunt Bev busy.  Beverly our Lamanite sister lives with me and helps keep the group together.  I work in the accounting department for a company in Springville.  We will try to arrange schedules to be at the reunion. It sounds like fun! 

Robin Gudmundson Blake   return to index
Greetings from the Gudmundsons!!!  Can't wait to see everyone!!  Short and sweet heres the rundown... Most of us are in San Diego. Robin and John came down here in 1985.  We live in Lakeside and have 3 kids Jessica, Shaun and Erica.  Rolly and Lamae followed after their short stay in Pleasant Grove Utah where Rolly coached football at Pleasant Grove High School and LaMae just fell in love with the mountains.  They live in Lakeside too.  Todd and Lorie opted for the fertile North San Diego town of Fallbrook.  They have 3 daughters Linne, Carlie and Natalee.  Cherlyn and Vince are in Acton,Ca.  They also have 3 children Zachary, Casey and Stephanie.  Becky and Jeff are at Fort Sills in Lawton,Ok.  You can reach any one of us at my e-mail  Hope to hear from you.

Mickie Haring Neilson   return to index
Now I have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.  My only son is on a Mission (he gets noticed in a crowd..he's 6 foot 10) and my oldest daughter lived in Sunland Ward recently.  She (Jenny Scott) served as the Primary President there. She is also a return missionary.  My brother, Mike Haring married Pam Gouvas of Sunland Ward fame.  They live in Utah, where Mike has served as the town Sherriff and the Bishop. I'm proud to say that the Sunland Ward is currently in my Stake today!  AND I GET TO TALK TO IRIS AND TED FREQUENTLY!  E-mail address:  (Read about Mickie's memories - our first submission!)

Mike & Pam Haring   return to index
(editor) Mike Haring married Pam Gouvas of Sunland Ward fame.  They live in Utah, where Mike has served as the town Sherriff and the Bishop.  Their e-mail address is

Kim & Magdalene Haslam   return to index
(editor) Have built a home and retired in St. George, Utah, next door to their daughter, Sandra. Can't imagine Tujunga without them! We hear that Kim is still out on the horse trails!

Marsha Henderson   return to index
(editor) We don't have much information about Marsha, other than word from Iris that she lives in Gilbert, AZ.  But we do have a picture (see her picture), apparently taken during a trip to the Netherlands to visit her friend, Maria Dorrestyne.  Marsha's address is:  Marsha Gail Henderson 275 W Juniper Ave #1115 Gilbert, AZ

Norinne Holt Walton   return to index
I am happy to hear about the reunion and will try to get all my family to come with me.  We are scattered from coast (Boston) to coast (Rancho Cucamonga) and Idaho and Utah.  I presently live in St. George, Utah and am very happy here.  I moved from Sunland in 1994.  I have remarried to a super sweet man.  We both love the Gospel and Golf.  We spend a lot of time with both.  We have 11 children between us and 39 grandchildren, so we keep very busy just keeping up on baptisms, blessings, graduations and etc.  Everyone who has lived in Sunland and Tujunga is very dear to me and I am anxious to see them and hear about them.  What a marvelous idea for a Web Page.  I will click on it often to see the changes.  I will look through my pictures and send you some later.  Sincerely, Norinne Holt Walton 2246 So. Wedgewood Dr. St. George, Utah 84770  Phone: (435) 674-4043  E-Mail:

Jon W. Jacobsmeyer   return to index
My family moved to 7858 Kyle Street in 1947, just up the street from the present ward building. At that time Kyle Street ended at our house and there was a large grape vinyard where the church now sits. The Jacobsmeyer clan consisted of George, Fern, and the eight children; Larry, Jon, Cherilyn, Marlene, Hugo, Roberta, Loretta, and Robert. All of us graduated from Verdugo Hills High. I finally made it in Winter 1959 with the "Cosmopolitans". I attended two quarters at BYU that fall but came home because I was wasting my father's money and he needed it to support Larry on his mission to Texas. I went to work for Wallace Skinner on a pool plastering crew and was dating his daughter Eileen at the time. My mission call came in 1961 to North Germany as a result of my interview with Gorden B. Hinckley as was the practice in those days. My interview took place the day he was taken in to the quorum of 12 Apostles and he was in a very good mood so he granted me my wish to go to the Fatherland. After the obligatory "Dear Jon" from Eileen, who was a Cougarette at BYU, I got down to missionarying and became a branch President in a small town called "Brake" in northern Germany. It was a special time in my life and I really didn't care if I came home or not.
After arriving home in the summer of 1964 my wise old father made me take the Fireman's entrance test, against my heart's desires, since I wanted to be some kind of Engineer because I thought it sounded neat.  Placing very high on the test, (#20 out of 10,000) I decided to give it a try since it payed $150 a week and that was a lot more than I had at the time.  Thirty years later, after driving a fire engine for 20 years, I retired with no regrets and a lot of memories.
In December 1966 I married Janet Turner, who was confirmed a member on the day I arrived home from Germany.  She was taught by the Krey's and was truly drop dead gorgeous when I first saw her sitting on the stand that Sunday morning.  We moved across the valley to Canoga Park so our parents would call first before stopping by and together had 4 wonderful children, 3 daughters and a son.  The daughters all graduated from BYU and have become very successful in their fields.  My oldest daughter, Jonette, is Director of Human Resources for the Utah Jazz and Delta Center, Nikki is known in the theater circuit and currently studying computer networking in Salt Lake while Wendy, the youngest, is working in the computer graphics field for Dreamworks and other studios.  My son, Jared, works at Hearst Castle on the restoration and maintenance crew.  I, myself, have found a job just to keep busy at the Marquardt Jet Laboratory in Van Nuys where the company builds rocket thrusters for the space shuttle and most satellites.  My kids and I love to travel and have visited many countries on most of the continents.
Janet has moved on and now lives in Boise, Idaho and I remain in the same house in West Hills that I've lived in since 1973.  I am the only one of the eight kids that still lives in California.  Hugo and Cherilyn live in Boise, Robert lives near Las Vegas and works as a fireman there, and the rest are all in Utah near my father in Pleasant Grove.  George is still alive and kicking at 89 and was just down for a weeks visit.  My mother passed away in 1995 as a result of a fall. Sunland Ward was always my favorite time in life.  I loved the Sunday afternoon swims at Bishop McKeon's, pulling weeds for Bishop Mackay and playing basketball on the floor kept immaculate by Brother Lee.  I look forward to the reunion in October.  (E-mail address:  (See the recent picture Jon submitted - his caption: "What you see is what you get!")

Robert Jacobsmeyer   return to index
I am the youngest of the 8 children of George and Fern Jacobsmeyer.  I grew up in the Sunland and Tujunga Wards and am happy to see an attempt being made to reunite the people of those wards.  Here is a little bit of info on what I have been up to since I left Tujunga Ward.
I served a mission in Ecuador from 1980-82.  Upon returning I went back and finished school at Ricks College.  After working construction for a few years I made the decision to follow in my father's foot steps and I pursued a career in Firefighting.  I was hired by the City of Ogden (Utah) in 1985 and settled in to live my life in the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.  In 1988 I was introduced to my wife, Natalie, by a mutual friend as "someone that I just had to meet."  She lived in Provo at the time and worked for Novell as a Graphic Artist.  We dated, and were married in the St. George Temple on May 27,1989.  We lived in Ogden for a few years before deciding to change to a "warmer" climate. I was offered a job out at the Nevada Test Site as a firefighter and so we moved down to her hometown of Overton, Nevada (located about 65 miles from downtown Las Vegas on the north end of Lake Mead).  The Test Site was just a stepping stone as I was in the process of testing for the city departments in and around Las Vegas. In July of 1991 I was hired by the City of Las Vegas as a firefighter where I am enjoying the start of my 9th year with them.  One month later our first child was born, Anthony. (He was just baptized last Sunday.)  Since that time we have been blessed with 3 other beautiful children: Amanda (6), Garrett (4), and Jennifer (2). Jennifer is our little angel, as we are very lucky to have her with us after the things she has been through.  She has had many surgeries, the biggest to repair was a very bad heart defect at the age of 4 months.  She is doing great now and fits right in with the rest.  We were called to the Spanish Branch of our Stake, since Natalie served in Spain as a missionary and speaks Spanish fluently as well.  I am the Executive Secretary and she is over the music.  Our kids just sit and look confused during Sacrament meeting, but hopefully they will listen to their parents as we try to teach them so they will understand.
That about wraps up the "update" from this end.  I am working on the memory request.  I think it is a good idea.  I know that since we have had our e-mail it sure is fun to write to people and receive answers with not only a few days, but within minutes.  Last, but not least, here is my address info:  Robert Jacobsmeyer P.O. Box 1313 Overton, NV 89040.  (702) 397-2507  E-mail: 

Roberta Jacobsmeyer   return to index
Hi from Roberta Jacobsmeyer.  I will be working as a Park Ranger the day of the reunion or would love to attend.  I am currently teaching first grade at Bonneville Elementary School in Orem, Ut.  I am also the Chorus director for the 4th to 6th graders.  I am living with my Dad in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  It was fun to read about how some of you are doing.  I love my memories from Tujunga and Sunland Wards.  Thanks for being such wonderful people and friends in my life.  Oh yeah, Margaret Gillan I miss you taking my hand and waving to the bishop and getting me in trouble. =)  Hello to all and God bless.  (Roberta's e-mail is:

Dick & Arlene Keysor   return to index
(editor) Still in Canyon Country. Always active and busy. Arlene is especially kept hopping as the Relief Society president in her stake.

Ted & Iris Kindred   return to index
Iris and Ted Kindred have continued to live in Tujunga.  They sold their house and went on to enjoy serving a mission together in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  They were happy to serve under a mission president who is someone that most of us remember well: Serge Woodruff!  After their mission, they bought a home on the same street, with an address of 10438 Pinyon Ave., Tujunga, CA 91042.  You can reach them at (818) 352-9230, or at their e-mail address:  Please also contact Iris with your contributions to the website, and any suggestions or ideas you might have.  They are "happy to have the group get together before time runs out!"

Evan Kindred   return to index
Evan and Linda (Blewett) Kindred. Recently moved from Minnesota to Rexburg, Idaho.  Only one of their 9 kids are still at home.  Evan commutes to Alaska to work.  A couple of weeks on the job site on Prudoe Bay, then home for a few weeks.  Talk about communting.  Linda is having a respite from her nursing career, and will be pursuing other healthcare avenues.

Kristy Kindred Adams   return to index
Kristy Kindred Adams is living is Nibley, Utah in the beautiful Cache Valley.  Her youngest daughter, Heather, is a high school senior this year.  Kristy is working for Macey's supermarket.  Kristy continues to bless those around her with love and beauty.

Bob Kindred   return to index
Iris writes:  Family news a smidgon:  Bob, Sheila & family are at this moment preparing to leave Friday for Nauvoo where they will, for the 3rd year, participate in THE CITY OF JOSEPH pagent.  Each participant must be called & set apart for this special mission.  They were amazed & pleased as they heard each child's particular blessing. . . & their own.  They live in  Ames, Iowa where they have been for some15 or so years.  Bob is Assistant City Manager, High Council Representative & Stake Mission Leader.  Sheila is Stake Relief Society Secretary.  Look for articles in CHILDREN'S FRIEND, NEW ERA & ENSIGN magazines for the Kindred name.  It's from them.  Bob's e-mail address is:  Valoria writes: Bob and Sheila (Hardy) Kindred are in Ames, Iowa.  They have half of their six kids grown and gone, and half at home.  One of their family traditions is to participate in the Navoo Pagent.  Sheila and daughter Cassie are contibutors to the Friend and New Era magazines.  Bob is still tall and skinny.

Valorie Kindred Gorny   return to index
(editor) Lives with husband, Andy, and their family in Pearblossom. She is an elementary school teacher and just got her Masters! Son, Paul, taught high school and is now back in school, himself, getting his Doctorate in Toxocology (what a brainer that guy is!). Daughter, Sarah, graduated from Univ. of San Diego, is a newly-wed, and lives in San Diego. Their son, Christopher, is attending BYU on a volleyball scholarship. She promised to fill us in on more.  Valorie writes: Valorie (Kindred) and Andy Gorny live in Littlerock, CA, a few miles from the church peach farm.  Their blended family of nine kids consistently keep them on their toes (even though there's only two left at home!)  Valorie is teaching fourth grade and having a blast.

Andy Lamprey   return to index
(editor) Most of us knew and loved Andy's wife, Linda Haslam, who grew up in the Tujunga Ward.  Linda passed away in 1995.  Andy has since married Susan (she is great!) who added her three children to the family.  They reside in Newhall. The oldest Lamprey son, Chad, served a mission in Spain, married a darling girl, is finishing up school, and has recently made Andy a proud Grandpa! [see the picture]  Next son, Brian, served a mission in Guatemala and is a student at UVSC, in Provo (along with his roomate and long-time buddy, Brian Swaner).  Bret works in sales (a natural charmer) and Jamie is a cute 16-year-old Junior at Hart High School!  Andy recently retired from the LAPD, SWAT Team.  He now owns a private investigation business in Santa Clarita.

Bob & Marilyn Livingston   return to index
(editor) Bob and Marilyn are still living in their home of 40 yrs. in Tujunga. 9424 La Reina Place, Tujunga, CA. 91042 E-Mail:  Bob is working part-time as a emergency dentist in Long Beach, for the Merritime Association.  He goes twice a week to the Temple in Los Angeles.  They have 10 grandsons, 2 granddaughters, and 1 great granddaughter.  They both enjoy their twice a year trip to their condo in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  Marilyn also gets away with Wanda Nash to their condo, also in Puerto Vallarta, once a year.  They are determined to make it to the end of the lease which expires in 2012!

Karen Livingston Roland   return to index
I have two boys, Alex (18) and Andy (13).  I recently remarried to a wonderful man named Jason Roland on May 23, 1999.  He has two sons, Brandon (20) and Beau (17).  We just bought a beautiful home in Shadow Hills and I have quite a time keeping all those men in line!  I've lived from San Francisco to all over LA, but I NEVER thought I'd be living back in the old neighborhood!!  It freaks me out!!  Our address is 9680 Green Verdugo Drive, Shadow Hills, CA 91040.  E-mail is and phone is 818-951-6656.  I have my own marketing business for the past five years, and guess who works for me?!  [her sister - Cheryl]   And THAT freaks her out!

Cheryl Livingston Wick   return to index
Cheryl Livingston Wick lives in Tujunga with her two children, Bobby and Kelly.  She recently graduated from college, and obtained a Paralegal Certificate.  She is currently working in Marketing.......go figure.  Address: 9424 La Reina Place, Tujunga, CA. 91042  E-Mail: for all three of us here...

Donna Livingston Keil   return to index
I've been married for 10 years and we have two children (Katelyn, 6 years old and Brandon, 2 years old).  We have been living in Sunland for the past 8 years, 8656 Wentworth Street.  I am currently running a family day care business in our home and attending school to learn medical transcription.  Our e-mail address is

Kathy Livingston Slight   return to index
(editor) Kathy Livingston Slight has 4 children, Josh, Jared, Jacob and Jordan.  She also became a grandma in May.   Along with her husband of 25 yrs, Kent, they are owners of two Hardware stores: Castle Hardware, and Monterey Hardware.  They residein Upland, CA.  They can be sent e-mail at

Bob & Dorothy Lyans   return to index
Hi from the Lyans family.  Sorry to get this in so late, but we have been out of the country for over a month - on a cruise ship , enjoying l0 European countries, and crossing the Atlantic.  A great adventure for us, after the past four years, when Bob has had two new hips, a new knee, and a by-pass.  Now he is as good as new.
We were one of the original families in the Sunland Branch. Son, Bob, Jr., was 3.  Richard was born in l95l, and was the 2nd new addition to the ward.  So many happy memories of those early days - meeting in the American Legion Hall, cleaning the hall Sunday mornings, pot lucks, and a real family feeling.  Our lives truly evolved around the activities in the branch, and building of the Sunland Ward. Daughter, Janis was born in l957.  We moved to La Canada in l959, just in time for daughter, Lori, to arrive.  We have lived here for the past 40 years, on land that Bob's Grandfather settled in l9l0. Bob spent 35 years as a Teacher/Administrator in the Pasadena Schools.  I was a Speech Therapist/Teacher of the Hearing Impaired in the San Gabriel Valley.  We had very rewarding careers.
As for our family, Bob, Jr., lives in Ventura with his wife, Amie. He is a Chiropractor there. His wife is a teacher at Buena High School.  They have three children: Chris, a student at Ventura College; Patrick, a High School student; and Kelly, who just graduated from Chapman College.
Richard lives in La Crescenta, married to Margaret Gillan (a Sunland girl).  He works for UPS.  They have three children: Brad, a student at Pierce College; Stacie, a student at Humboldt College; and Jonathan, who is 8.  Margaret teaches preschool in Glendale.
Janis lives in Seal Beach and is married to Michael Johnson.  She teaches lst grade in Long Beach.  Michael is on the International Space Team , working on Space Programs (no children).
Lori is married to Lawrence Breherton.  They recently moved to Redondo Beach, from the Bay area.  Lori is an Administrative Assistant for a newly formed company.  Larry works in transport and freight (no children).
We have been blessed with a very close family, and are together almost weekly.  Bob and I have thoroughly enjoyed our retirement years, filled with wonderful activities, and travel.  We are looking forward to seeing you all, and reminiscing about those great early days of our lives. We just celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary.  Where has it all gone???

Bob & Amie Lyans   return to index
Hello Sunland Ward members,
Hey great idea for a reunion. Thanks for all of your work Linda. I lived in the Sunland Branch/Ward from 1951 to 1959. Our family moved to La Canada when I was eleven. I graduated from La Canada High School, served a mission in Texas and attended BYU where I met my wife Amie. We have been married 28 years and have three children, Christopher 24, Kelly 22, and Patrick 14. We live in Ventura where I have a chiropractic practice and Amie teaches English at Buena High School. I often see Keith White and we talk about the days in Sunland and La Crescenta. I have also been lifelong friends with Teddy Nash. (I spoke with Ted earlier this evening and he is still mulling over the possibility of traveling from Washington State to the reunion).
My memory of Sunland-Tujunga is colored by my age at the time. To me it was kind of a magical, Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine, type of place. Everything seemed fresh and exciting and the Sunland Ward was an integral part of that experience. My most vivid memories of the branch and ward were of Bishop Wendell Mackey and his seemingly never ending supply of Lifesaver mints, meeting at the American Legion hall in Tujunga, balancing on the iron chain that circled that building and having Sunday School class in the ladies lounge and then the kitchen. (It seemed like half of the branch would meet at the Frosty Freeze next to the Tujunga Theater after sacrament meeting). The kids my age that I remember well were Brett Skinner, Randy Hess, Mike Hyre, Ted Nash, Diana Davies, Claudia and Craig Hilton, Chuck White, and the McKeon boys. I remember going to your house Linda after school when my mother was doing her student teaching. I remember pulling nails and helping (getting in the way)? on Saturday work parties while building the new chapel. There were great Relief Society bazaars with Wanda Nash acting as a carniebarker for the baseball toss, primary summer parties in Sunland Park at the pool, ward parties at Hansen Dam and Cub Scout meetings at Camp Bill Lane in the Big Tujunga wash. I have kind of a repressed memory of Ballet lessons at the Jacobsmeyer house? Hiking with Sister Betty Gouvas to the top of Mt. Gleason and teasing her alligators was a high point for me. (I finally had to retire the tent she made for us last year). I remember swimming at the McKeons house and Sacrament meeting from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and how the Bishop would stop the meeting early enough so everyone could get home in time for Bonanza. (How did we all get so uptight when we were raised like this)? Now I rely on Sunstone magazine to keep me sane.
I often pass through Sunland and Tujunga after visiting my folks in La Canada. My poor family always has to endure my stories as I show them my old house on Mather, my grandparents Mt. Gleason Motor Lodge motel and of course the chapel that I helped build!
Sorry to ramble on like this but I get carried away. I hope to see all or some of you at the reunion. [E-mail:]

Richard & Margaret Lyans   return to index
Richard lives in La Crescenta, married to Margaret Gillan (a Sunland girl).  He works for UPS.  They have three children: Brad, a student at Pierce College; Stacie, a student at Humboldt College; and Jonathan, who is 8.  Margaret teaches preschool in Glendale.
Richard & Margaret write:  This is Richard (Lyans) and Margaret (Gillan).  Your Reunion site is really great.  We have had a great time looking at it.  We thought we would send in a litttle something about us.  Richard and Margaret Lyans reside in LaCrescenta.  We have three children Brandon (21) student at Pierce college where he plays volleyball.  Stacie (19) student at Humboldt St. University where she plays soccer and writes for the school newspaper.  Jonathan (9) keeps us forever young.  The Lyans enjoy watching the kids play sports and traveling.  We'll see you at the Reunion.  [E-mail:

Wendell & Janette Mackay   return to index
Former Sunland-Tujunga Bishop Wendell Mackay passed away in 1984 in Yucca Valley.  He had intended that his last years would be spent in a well-deserved rest, but he was called into the Bishopric as a counselor.  When Wendell was not well, Bishopric meetings were held by his bedside.  He had a great testimony and wanted everyone to taste the happiness the gospel had brought into his life.  Janette passed away in 1993 in Orem, Utah.  She was a great survivor.  In late 1991 the family was called to her bedside and informed that these were her last few days.  Then a phone call came from her dearest friend, Louise Parkin, who said, "Hold on, Janette, I'll be there in three weeks."  Janette mustered all her strength, shocked the nurse, and lived for another year and a half.  She, too, had an unfailing testimony of the gospel.  Wendell and Janette had three sons; Ian, Ronald and Thomas.

Ian Wendell Mackay   return to index
We moved from Tujunga in 1971 (the year of the earthquake) to North Tustin, CA.  My love for long time friends in the Sunland-Tujunga ward has never diminished.  The September, 1998 Ensign carried the story of the 1968 Tujunga Ward basketball team, who fasted and prayed for our daughter, Shauna, even though they were on their way to the All-Church basketball finals.  Because of their faith, a great miracle of healing was given to her.  We hope you read the story and recognized our deep gratitude for such wonderful young men.  I am retired from my employment at Hughes Aircraft, but I hope I will never retire from employment in the Lord's work.  I am currently helping the Mackay Family History Organization in extracting names from a very old Scottish book.  My wife, Floy Daun Atkin Mackay, finally agreed to stop teaching piano lessons this year.  And we have had a wonderful time "getting acquainted" again.  Our oldest son, Bret Alan Mackay, married Jeanne Garrett (her dad, Glen Garrett, was my father's dentist for many years in La Canada).  They reside in La Canada.  They have one son and twin daughters.  Our son, Ronald Ian Mackay and his wife, Sharleen, live in Highlands Ranch, CO., and have one son and twin daughters. (He always thought he should do whatever his older brother did.)  Our daughter, Shauna Daun Moore, lives with her husband, Craig, and their 3 sons in Lovettsville, VA., population 800.  Shauna is also a piano teacher.  Our youngest son, Paul Ryan Mackay, married Dawn Michelle Cooper, whose father is the Chief of Police in Provo, Utah.  They live in Costa Mesa.  [E-mail:]

Ronald James Mackay   return to index
Ronald James Mackay and his wife, Anne, live in Edmonton, Canada. Anne recently received her PhD in psychology. Ron is a consultant for electric companies. Ron's son Richard married Carol Smith's (formerly of La Canada) niece, Cathy. They live in Salt Lake City with their 4 children. Ron has 4 other children: Scott, Susan, Lisa, and Julie. Richard served a mission in Brazil. Scott has been handicapped since birth, but was a great source of inspiration for the football team in Lehi, Utah. A long article, "Scott's Gift," appeared in the New Era relating the story of how Scott kept some of the young men on the team on the straight and narrow. Scott was the manager of the team, and at the end of the year, received the "most valuable player" trophy. Julie, also handicapped, lives with Scott in Salt Lake City. Susan lives in Rhode Island and Lisa in Utah.

Thomas William Mackay   return to index
Thomas William Mackay has retired from teaching Greek and Latin at BYU, but he continues to write, research and lecture.  Tom's wife, Rosemary, teaches first grade in Orem.  Tom utilizes much of his time doing family research, and serving as an ordinance worker in Mt. Timpanogas Temple.  They have six children, 3 boys and 3 girls.  The eldest son, John, and his wife have twin boys.  John is an attorney and lives in Grantsville; Sandy is married to Jeff Singer and lives in Philadelphia; Joe is a mortgage loan broker and lives in Salt Lake City; Cathy is married to Jim Jorgensen, an attorney, and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina; Steven is in marketing and lives in Salt Lake City; Alice is married to Nigel Miller, a civil engineer, and lives in Redding, CA.  All of Tom and Rosemary's sons, and Sandy, have served missions.  Sandy served in Korea.  Tom is the High Priest's Group Leader and has a strong testimony of the gospel.  He has enjoyed the opportunity of visiting with former Glendale Stake President Edwin Dibble who lives in Provo.

Marianne McDaniel   return to index
(editor) Marianne McDaniel has remained living at 10343 Helendale Ave., Tujunga, CA  91042, phone number (818)  353-2490.   She lost the husband that we all knew  and loved, Jimmy, in May of last year.   She is doing well and loves hearing  from old friends.  You can still count on having a fun time when you are  around Marianne!

Buck & Pat McKeon   return to index
(editor) Spend most of their time in Washington, D.C. these days!  Buck is also of the Verdugo Hills High School "Hall of Fame" Alumni.  You can access his web page by clicking here.  As a U.S. Congressman representing the 25th District, Buck has his own website, and his government e-mail address is

John & Janet McKeon    return to index
(editor) Recently moved to St. George.

Joseph McKeon   return to index
(editor) Lives in Saugus, where Joe has a whole second family!

Monte & Kathy McKeon   return to index
(editor) Live in Canyon Country, which is where he and Kathy met and have lived their married life. Monte was recently released from serving as the Santa Clarita Stake President. Great Family!

Connie McKeon   return to index
(editor) Lives in Newhall. She keeps active and has lots of friends who adore her! Connie's children and grandchildren live in the same area.

Tim & Jan McKeon   return to index
(editor) Live in Canyon Country, but they may be relocating to start a new business in Bakersfield! Tim always seems to be kept busy in the stake presidency. After Jan's 10-years as Stake Relief Society President, maybe they just want to get away! Their oldest son, Rick, is a teacher at Hart High School, and he has given Mom & Dad the honor of being grandparents! Joey is still single and in school, keeping the girls' hopes up. Jared is in his last semester at Rick's College, and Monte is on his mission in Spain.

Jody McRobbie Sparkuhl   return to index
Well, it's the Monday after the reunion, and I just now heard about it- would really have loved to attend. Tujunga Ward was my first experience of what a ward family was all about as you embraced me with your love and patience way back in 1969. A few memories...Horse back riding, Suzy the monkee, alligators, and a bottomless cookie jar at the first calling as an eighteen year old new member teaching the eleven year olds-remember how you guys climbed out the window each Sunday to the parking lot- yes you were a spirited bunch and my lessons were really lame but I loved you all and you were my favorite class- Heather Boulanger, Lauren, and the rest of you...discovering the mysteries of why every bit of genealogy I ever submitted was returned to me (never use blue ink, write neatly, always cite your sources, write even more neatly, etc.)..learning how to bear my budding testimony while sitting next to Bishop Mackey one Sunday as he put a microphone in my hand and firmly pushed me up off my seat onto shaking knees ...and even give a talk...Well, I guess I could say that everything I learned about being a member I learned from all of you. Thanks especially to the love and example of what a family could and should be from the Hesses, and Randy who baptized me, and the Gouvases who made me a part of their family- Pam I promise to e-mail you soon! My husband Court Sparkuhl from the La Crescenta Ward and I were married 26 1/2 years ago in the L.A.Temple. We live in Riverside with our children Kurt-17, Annalise-14, and Scott-12. We love our family, riding our horses down at the Santa Ana river bottom near our home, and being involved in our ward. I've located over two hundred names to be submitted to the temple, and our goal is to do their work as a family, and to be sealed to my own parents who have passed away. If you remember me, be sure to write-I would love to hear from you! love, Jody McRobbie Sparkuhl e-mail 

Jim & Val Meacham   return to index
(editor) Still live in their home in Tujunga. We know they have lots to tell us about their family. Hope they send it in!

Bob and Linda Mehl   return to index
(editor) Moved out to Saugus about 20 years ago. Most of their kids are married, and they have at least two grandchildren. One daughter is still at home.

Norm and Linda Metcalf   return to index
(editor) Live in Canyon Country. They have a son and a daughter at home. (We're waiting to hear from you guys!)

Ray Metcalf   return to index
Ray Metcalf, son of Lyman & Ruth Metcalf.  Served a mission in 1967-1969 to the Great Lakes(Michigan and Indiana).  Graduated BYU 1972 with Degree in Business Management.  Met my wife at BYU while working on a Masters Degree.  Married Louise Raiser (from Ohio) in the Washington D.C. Temple in 1976.  Currently living in Simi Valley, California.  Six children, ages 22 to 8yrs old.* FIVE RED HEADS AND ONE BLONDE.  Our oldest Aaron served his mission to New York City (Spanish) and loved it so much that he is now attending college in NYC.  Jensa is at Utah State, Elise is a Sr. in High School and excels in Volleyball and Basketball.  Nathan is 14 and plays football, basketball and volleyball (gave up baseball and band) but is close to his Eagle Award, Megan age 11 and Breanne age 8.  Currently in the Stake Presidency after a release as Bishop for 6 yrs.  Have spent 25 yrs in the hospital and nursing home field and am working in Marina del Rey.  Home Address; 3092 Bianca Circle, Simi Valley, Ca 93063 Email, 

Sharon Metcalf DeFigueiredo   return to index
I am the youngest child of Lyman and Ruth Metcalf.  What great memories I have of Sunland Ward as a youth!  I feel very fortunate to have had some great friends and leaders there.  I graduated from Verdugo Hills High School in 1977.  After that, it was on to BYU and CSUN for the college years.  I ended up graduating from BYU in 1981.  I worked as a secretary for several years for a wonderful man, Victor Walch (attorney and North Hollywood Stake President).  In 1984, I decided to serve a mission and was called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission.  It was a great experience. I returned to work for Victor again, attended BYU again for a year and then moved back home and worked for Victor again!  I met and married a wonderful man, Denis DeFigueiredo, in February, 1989 in the Los Angeles Temple.  We lived in La Crescenta (Verdugo Hills First Ward) for a couple of years.  Our first son, Bryce (now 9 years old), was born while we lived there.  In 1991, we moved to Canyon Country.  In 1992 our second son, Ryan (now 7 years old), was born.  Then in 1995 our daughter, Lauren (now 4 years old), was born.  We feel very blessed to have these children.  Denis works as Network Administrator in the IS department of the Newhall Land and Farming Company in Valencia.  I stay at home with the children, volunteer in their classrooms and keep busy with the family and home.  (e-mail:

Frank & Elaine Meyer  see Lygia Meyer Jolley

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I am writing this for myself, Lygia (Meyer) Jolley, and my parents, Frank and Elaine Meyer.  We received your flyer on the ward reunion.  We will make plans to try to attend.  My family and my parents both live in Hanford, Ca.  My parents moved here 20 years ago from Hanford.  I am married and have 3 children.  Joseph 6 years old, Beth 4 years old, and Ben 2 years old.  My parents are currently serving their second mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  They are to return around July 22nd this year.  Their first mission they served in Cape Verde Islands in 1996 to 1997.  They are doing wonderful and survived Hurricane Mitch.  I am a registered dental hygienist, working in private practice and teaching clinical instruction at Fresno City College.  My husband is Kirk Jolley we met through my Bishop in the Canyon Country Singles Ward guess who an alumni of Sunland Ward, John McKeon.  This is a story in itself maybe I'll put it in memories or have my Dad do it since it started with him.  My youngest sister Letta who was 18 months old when my parents left is also serving a mission in Brazil. Before I went to dental hygiene school I served a mission in Seoul, Korea.  My brother Greg has served in Canada, married has 2 boys and lives in Minden, Nevada.  My brother Doug served his mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is married with 3 daughters.  He lives in California City, but is moving to Sacramento.  Ruth Ann is married has 4 children, lives in Castiac but is moving to Minden, Nevada soon. Janette is married 2 children and lives back east in New Hampshire.

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(editor) Lives in Lancaster, with husband and four children.

Rosie Misner Holt   return to index
(editor) Lives with husband, Gary, in Canyon Country, California. If Rose isn't babysitting her grandchildren, she's probably out tooling around in her new luxury RV!

Bob & Doris Mollenhauer   return to index
(editor) Bob and Doris Mollenhauer are living in Shingle Springs California.  They are both doing fine.  (See their picture!)  Bob is doing Italian Extractions and is Secretary to the High Priest Quorum.  Doris is the Assist. Supervisor over the Extractors, is also Chorister in Relief Society and all-around substitute for any organization that needs help in any way.  They really love the Ward they're in now because it reminds them of the old Tujunga Ward. Everyone is like part of one big family.  Doris spends any free time she may have by creating beautiful still-life and landscape paintings in both oil and watercolor. She has continued to develop her talents and has become an accomplished artist. She is also learning to speak Italian.  Bob has made a miraculous recovery from his stroke two years ago. He still works out almost every day, does weight training and a lot of walking. Not bad for a guy who's almost 90 years old. His bright smile and outgoing personality have made him beloved by all who know him.  They are looking forward to the Ward reunion and will try to attend.  Feel free to call or write: 4700 Old French Town Road #16 Shingle Springs, CA 95682, (530) 621-0516

Michael Mollenhauer   return to index
Hello Sunland-Tujunga Ward Reunion Committee:  I spoke to my Mom and Dad today and they told me about the Ward Reunion and gave me this web site address.  I just want to let you know that we are all very excited about the reunion and will endeavor to send a representative of the Mollenhauer family to be present.  My family and I have just re-located back to California from Denver, CO in the past 3 weeks and we are still in the process of settling in.  I will be sending you an update of where everyone is and what they've been doing the past 30+years within the coming week.  In the meantime Mom and Dad are doing well and living in Shingle Springs, CA.  My brother Steve is living only 10 minutes away from them in Cammeron Park and currently we are living in Modesto, CA with plans to possibly relocate again in the next few months to Santa Barbara, Walnut Creek or back to Denver, CO.  The date of the reunion just happens to be on the same day as my wife's high school reunion but we are going to try to figure out a way to attend both functions.  I haven't been to Tujunga for a while so if you could recommend a nice hotel which is nearby I would really appreciate it.  Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the organization and production of this event.  I am more than willing to offer my services if needed.  You may also contact me at my office.  I have listed contact information below.  Looking forward to the reunion.  Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures.  Will see if I can dig out a few of my own and post them to the site. Thank you for putting this event together.  Sincerely; Michael Mollenhauer Vice President, Marketing Network Communications Solutions 1912 Standiford Ave. Suite 4 Modesto, CA. 95355 888-844-4627

Steve Mollenhauer   return to index
It was good to hear about the reunion.  Here's some quick details.  I live in Cameron Park which is in the Sacramento area.  I'm self-employed as a computer consultant doing software engineering for companies in the Sacramento area (actually, it's anyone who'll cut me a check).  Right now I'm working with the Franchise Tax Board of California and no, I can't get your name off of the computer.  I'm designing a Resource Management System for them which is really more like a cost-accounting system.  I think my brother, Mike, is sending you some pictures of me and my kids.  I have two boys, Matthew (10) and Erik (6).  (See their picture!)  They're both a joy to be with. Matthew is an "A" student and likes to play the drums.  He has aspirations to play all kinds of instruments later on.  He also plays soccer in his spare time.  At the ripe age of 4, he was a dinosaur expert and has always wanted to be a paleontologist.  Although lately, he just talks about being a drummer when he grows up.  Erik is now a first-grader and proud to be one after kindergarten.  He's athletic inclined but also loves things like music or planting flowers.  Erik will be starting piano lessons on August 3rd and currently plays his guitar at home with Dad.  He also plays soccer and loves to wrestle with his brother, Dad -- anything that walks by.  I hope to be able to make it to the reunion.  It should be great.  Steve Mollenhauer - 

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Moved to Hacienda Heights Calif. in 1976.  Now are retired and living the past five years in Boise, Idaho.  Daughter Jennifer Morgan Burch also lives in Boise.  Son, Bill, lives in Huntington Beach (He has co-authored a book on TV collectibles---Look him up at  Son, Dan, has been an L.A. County sheriff for 12 years--now in the LaPuente station.  (e-mail:   UPDATE 9/20/99:  Hi, We purchased airline tickets and will be coming to the Sunland/Tujunga Ward Reunion.  Thank you for the invitation.  Looking forward to visiting with everyone. Russ and Alice Morgan

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(editor) Where have all the Nashes gone?  Wanda, Ted, Mark, Brian: We know you're out there and need to hear from all of you!

Brian Nash   return to index
Brian Nash graduated from BYU and married Lynell Siggard from the Verdugo Hills II ward in 1984. They have 4 children (Trista - 13 yrs old, Karissa - 10 yrs old, Brady - 8 yrs old, and Tanner - 5 yrs old) and live in Irvine, California.
After high school, Brian played baseball at BYU. He served a Spanish-speaking mission to Bolivia and has many fond memories and will always be greatful for what we have been blessed with in this country, including edible food and carpeting! After graduating from BYU he played on a semi-pro baseball team - the Provo Timps.
Brian started his career in the finance world as a Stock Broker with Prudential Bache Securities in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he and his new wife spent their first year together. They enjoyed skiing, visiting relatives, camping and fishing while living in Utah. However, both native Californians decided after 1 year that the cold wasn't for them.
Brian & Lynell have spent the past 14 years in Irvine, California. Brian has his own Retirement Planning practice, "Nash & Associates," which keeps him busy most of the time. He has enjoyed positions of leadership such as Elder's Quorum President and High Priest Presidency where he can be creative. He is a great leader and an excellent teacher to the High Priests. His favorite calling has been Scoutmaster, as he loves the boys and the outdoors. He has many fond memories of his days in scouting and loved his Scoutmaster Evan Kindred.
Brian's hobbies include baseball (he lives at Angel stadium during the season!), fishing and doing anything outdoors. A perfect day for Brian is to paddle around on a lake in his intertube while he fly fishes. He also enjoys coaching his kids' baseball and soccer teams.
We live near a lake and it has been so fun to raise kids here where we can take beautiful walks. However, we have outgrown our house and have plans to build a house this year in the hills of Murietta. I'm sure we will have an adjustment from living in the city to moving to the country but we are excited to try the transition!
Lynell enjoys taking care of the children, the house, etc. When she finds time to sew, she loves it. She also enjoys making scrapbooks, teaching the kids how to cook/bake, playing tennis and reading. She is proud of her Uncle Orrin who is running for President. Don't forget to vote for Orrin Hatch!
Trista is a very good student and a great babysitter. She's an awesome big sister and helps around the house alot. She loves to bake and cook dinner (yeah!) and enjoys caring for our dog. She also loves running and wants to stay in shape. Trista is playing the piano - I keep telling her that some day she will thank me for making her practice! And, of course, hanging out with friends is mandatory!
Karissa is a good athlete. For three years in a row she was the only girl on her baseball team and played well. She quickly shut up the boys that dared make stupid comments such as, "she's just a girl!" She likes to sew and cook. She is a good student and likes to be challenged at school. She's also a good soccer player, and of course, she enjoys playing with her friends. This year Karissa is learning to play the flute.
Brady loves baseball just like his dad. He's good at it, too! He is always willing to go to an Angel game with Brian when the rest of us are tired of going! He enjoys school and does well. He makes friends easily and spends most of his free time playing at the park, playing soccer and trading Pokemon cards. He also plays the piano. Pokemon trades take up most of his time!
Tanner is a cutie! Everybody loves Tanner! He is fun, he's a good listener and a great student in his Kindergarten class. He is terrific on his soccer team and scored 2 goals last week! Tanner is very social and is bummed out if he can't have a friend over to play each day. He is also kind and shares most things with his siblings. He is excited to learn how to read.
The kids love to visit their grandparents whenever we can. The Kuches live in the Verdugo Hills II ward and Grandma Nash lives in Laguna Hills.
Wanda just spent 2 weeks in Mexico with Marilyn Livingston. They have been traveling buddies for years. She enjoys walking along the beach/pier and enjoys seeing her grandchildren. We had a great trip this summer exploring Washington and Oregon with her and with Ted Nash's family. Our children have many fond memories of their time spend with their grandma.  [E-mail:]
Brian is listed as a Verdugo Hills High School "Hall of Fame" Alumni.  You can access his web page by clicking here.

Charles & Joan Odd   return to index
Hi present and past ward members.  Joan and I are retired and enjoying life in St. George, Utah.  We keep busy here with personal projects, church work and neighborhood activities.  We drive to Northern Utah a few times a year to visit grandchildren and Joan just returned from a visit to Ohio to help with a new arrival - our eleventh grandchild.  Our children are scattered but we keep in touch.  For those of you who remember the children, Cheryl, mother of six (the oldest is in high school), lives in Lyndon, near Provo.  She keeps some animals and takes classes at BYU for diversion.  David lives in Cash Valley where he married a local girl after graduating from USU.  He is works as an applications engineer at a local scientific instrumentation company.  He is the father of two sons.  Susan married in Columbus, Ohio, a few years ago where she was dong graduate work and stayed on.  She just had her third child, a boy who is preceded by two girls.  Steve is a RN and part of an emergency cardiology team at a hospital in Minnesota.  He has no family yet.  Best wishes, Charles and Joan.  (see a picture of Bishop Odd) [E-mail:]

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Brian and Ann Okerlund moved to Littlerock, California in 1990.  They are the parents of five wonderful and active children, Jessica, Kristina, Kevin, Karinne and Kenneth.  Their ages range from 16 to 5.  The older two still have fond memories of our old ward, Verdugo Hills II.  Brian is still employed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  He has been the bishop of our Littlerock Ward since 1992.  Ann enjoys and stays busy being a mother.  We send our best to all our friends from the Verdugo Hills II Ward and hope to see you at the reunion!  [E-mail:]

Ron & Sharon Pew   return to index
Yes. We are coming to the reunion and we are excited to see everyone. The past 25 years have been great! Ron has been serving as a counselor in the San Jose South Stake Presidency for the past 12 years. He thoroughly enjoys this call. Perhaps his favorite activity has been Young Women's Camp where he has gone on the fourth level backpack/hike every year since 1982! Since discovering that backpacking was such a treat, he has had the opportunity to hike Half Dome in Yosemite a few times and loves it there. Ron also serves as Northern California Corporate Board President for HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Foundation). This organization puts on an annual Leadership Seminar for High School Sophomores and is lots of fun and lots of work. Sharon has remained involved in some form of music serving in both Ward and Stake. She has recently accepted a call to serve as the choir director in the Parkview Ward for the third time. One of Sharon's favorite activities has been to sing with the Santa Clara Chorale. This has been a terrific opportunity to be exposed to the world's greatest choral music. Ron and Sharon are both involved in the family business, Electro Acoustic Co. Ron travels norhern Calif, northern Nevada and Utah doing both sales and service of audiometric equipment. Sharon takes care of the office details and tries to keep up with Ron's activities. Lisa Kay remains a big part of our life as she and her husband, David Eckels, have been living with us since their marriage in January of 1997. Lisa graduated from BYU; served as a missionary in the France Paris Mission; has a great job in the Human Resources Dept. at Calpine Corp.; sings in the Santa Clara Chorale and works with HOBY as seminar co-chair for 1999-2000. Oh yes, and she is currently serving in Relief Society as second counselor! David serves as second counselor in the Elder's Quorum. He works part-time and is still pursuing his education. Another source of sunshine in our lives is David's daughter, Natina. She is a bright and delightful 10-yr-old who visits with us often. See y'all soon!  [E-mail: ]

Dave & Yvonne Provost   return to index
We've been living in Shady Cove, Or. for the last three years.  We love it up here!  We still have our business in Burbank, and Dave travels down there about every 5-6 weeks and stays for a week to take care of things.  Josh, our second oldest, is managing the office.  He just got married less than a year after he returned from his Mission in Brazil.  They are expecting their first baby (a boy) in January.  Punk (aka David) our oldest, is married and has a set of twin boys!  They are 7 months old.  They will be moving to La Canada within the next couple of weeks.  Michelle is married and has two children.  Jessica, three years old and Daniel 8 weeks old.  She and her husband Duane are living in Eagle Point, Or. about 20 minutes away from us.  They go to the same ward as us.  Julie just started her Senior year at Eagle Point High, and she is planning on going to the "Y" next fall.  Tommy is 12, and loves playing football in Jr. High.  We love to have company!  If any of you are in the area, please come by and see us! Our phone number is:  541-878-2334, and our address is: 333 Rene Drive, Shady Cove, Or. 97539.

Thom Roylance   return to index
I'm the Assistant Director of Print and Mail Services at BYU where I've been since 1989.  I've been married to Diane Crowther for over 20 years and we have five children, 4 boys (18,15,11,6) and one daughter, 9.  We live in Lindon, Utah (not Provo).  I still play in a bluegrass band (banjo and guitar - thanks to Mike Mollenhauer and Bob Kindred for the early motivation!)  My email address is   My work number is 801-378-6023 and home is 801-785-3262.

Karin Roylance Miller   return to index
Hi everyone!  This is such a great idea!  I have been married to my best friend, Kevin Miller for 9 years, and we live with our 4 kids, 2 Golden Retrievers, and a cat, in Quartz Hill, CA, near Lancaster.  We recently moved here from Sunland, and we really love our big house and yard.  Right now we are keeping very busy trying to get settled here, and still tie up the many loose ends at the Sunland house.  We never thought that we would like living out here in the desert, but we love it, it feels like we are on vacation, and I have my best garden ever, I can't wait to see what we can grow next year!  Our kids are our life, they are the greatest!  Vanessa is 20, and she is autistic, so she attends a special school here in the Antelope Valley that seems to be very good.  Our 3 younger kids are home schooled, Juliana is 8, Amelie is 5, and Garrett is 1.  We marvel everyday at the differences between these kids.  The girls just love Barbie and dressing up, and Garrett is already all boy, he can finds sticks and tools and electrical outlets wherever he goes!  We are so blessed!  We can't wait to see all of you at the reunion! Our e-mail is 

Bron Roylance   return to index
(editor) Bron is currently in London finishing the new James  Bond movie.  He has been a makeup artist for the past 25 years and is currently Pierce Brosnan's main makeup person.  He's also done Michael J. Fox, Woody Harrelson, and several others.  He lives in Malibu and is building a place up near Sundance.  He is still single.

Tony Ruelas   return to index
I'm finding this to be a very difficult task… How do you describe the last 25 years of your life in a few sentences? The only date I remember is 1972 when I went on a mission to Bolivia… Beyond that, I've traveled all over the world (Spain, Italy, France, Caribbean Islands, Jamaica, Mexico etc). I've seen/visited at least 40 of these United States. I've owned 9 homes, 26 cars two dogs etc….. Been through the loss of both parents, two divorces, and many engagements. I lived In upstate New York (Rochester) 4 years and about 15 years ago moved to Northern California (San Francisco/San Jose Silicon Valley area), I Love where I live. Recently (July) remarried (I know I can get it right) a beautiful, talented and intelligent lady (Denise) who has two amazing and adorable kids.. Casey (Boy 6 yrs old) and Gena (Girl 4 yrs old). I currently work for BEA Systems, an E-Commerce Transactions Company (Maybe a few of you like John Taylor or Steve Mollenhauer might understand what that means) as a Senior Account Executive (I sell software). I live in Novato a beautiful city in Marin County approximately 25 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge (Northern California for those that survived the L.A City School system). I have had many rich and wonderful experiences over these last 25 years. I've lived life passionately, been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and know the following to be true. The richest blessings in my life are the wonderful memories of my youth and the people who remain in the circle of my life. Please feel free to e-mail me if you get a chance. I would love to hear from each and every one of you. (E-mail:  Tony Ruelas Sr. Account Executive, BEA Systems 550 California Street San Francisco, CA 94104, (Direct) 415-364-4552 (Fax) 415-364-4770.  My new address is 115 Pizarro Ave Novato, CA 94949

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Dale and his wife Gloria live in Blackfoot, Idaho where he works at the Nuclear power plant and builds airplanes in his garage.

Eleanor Sinden   return to index
(editor) Bless her heart! Eleanor lives in Orem, Utah. Rex passed away several years ago, and Eleanor is in poor health. But through it all, she is always happy and has a big smile! She loves company and is her home is always open.

Wallace & Hazel Skinner   return to index
(editor) (Submitted by Shelley Skinner Scott)  My mother, Hazel Skinner, has lived in Mapleton since 1977.  She and Wallace served a mission in Washington state in 1982.  Hazel is still very active at the age of 80.  My brothers and sisters surprised her with an 80th birthday party where she saw a lot of old friends from California.  She has 18 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren and 10 step-great grandchildren.  She has gone through several trials over the years--their house burned down in Mapleton in 1979, she has had angioplasty and two open-heart surgeries, one of which was only six weeks after she broke her hip in 1996, which was a five-bypass surgery.  It was a slow recovery for her with her broken hip, but she is doing well.  She types up the ward Sacrament program each week on her computer and does extraction work for genealogy.  She enjoys quilting and still has season tickets to the BYU basketball and football games.  In 1997 she took her daughters and spouses to the BYU Football Cotton Bowl in Texas (BYU won!).  My dad, Wallace, died in 1988 after having Alzheimer's for several years, his last year being in the worst stage of Alzheimer's.  Hazel will be coming to the reunion, along with Eileen, Brett, Kim, and Kevin.

Shelley Skinner Scott   return to index
My parents moved from Sunland to Danville, California in 1973 while I was attending BYU.  I graduated from BYU in 1975 and then in 1976 attended BYU-Hawaii for a "semester abroad."  In 1977 I moved to Utah with my parents and started working for the Utah County Sheriff's Department as the Sheriff's secretary, where I met my husband, Jerry Scott.  We were married in October 1978, and I became a stepmother to three children--Jody, Dusty, and Holly, ages 10, 12, and 13, who lived in Mesa, Arizona, with their mother, but they visited us in the summers.  We now have 10 grandchildren spread out in Mesa, Rexburg, Idaho, and Provo.  Jerry and I had one daughter, Brandie, in 1985 who lived only six weeks due to a viral infection I contracted while pregnant that affected her nervous system and caused her to have respiratory failure.  We built a home in Mapleton, Utah in 1983, and have 2-1/2 acres and live down the street from my mother, Hazel.  I quit the Sheriff's Dept. before we got married and worked at BYU as a secretary for Conferences and Workshops in the Division of Continuing Education for seven years, then became a desktop publisher for the next seven years in the same division.  For the first ten years of our marriage, we enjoyed vacationing on our motorcycle all over the western states and Canada.  When that got to be too dangerous we bought horses and backpacked in the Uinta Mountains.  Now we have our 5th wheel RV and an ATV.  Jerry retired from the Sheriff's Dept. as a captain in 1995 after 29 years of service, and I quit working for BYU at the same time, although they call me back to work occasionally to help out.  We have had so much fun being retired and traveling a lot.  For the past two winters we have spent January and February in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, on the Gulf of California, living in our 5th wheel.  For the past four years we have been volunteers one day a week in the missionary room of the Provo Temple where we hand out temple clothing to the missionaries.  Since we're volunteers we can work around our vacation schedule.  So if you have a son or grandson going on a mission and his temple day is on Monday morning while he's in the MTC, tell him to introduce himself to us.  (Last year I noticed the nametag of an Elder McKeon, he looked like he could have belonged to one of the McKeon brothers, but I didn't get a chance to ask and I never saw him again.)  My husband just recently finished writing a police novel and it is called "Glass Mountain."  It will be published within a month, so go look for it in your local bookstore!  I am really disappointed I can't come to the reunion but we already had plans to be in the Caribbean (we love to snorkle and scuba dive).  Growing up in Sunland Ward was such a fun time and it gave me great childhood and teenage years. e-mail:

Eileen Skinner Tolboe   return to index
After graduating from Verdugo Hills High School in1961, I attended BYU, where I had a great experience serving in a Relief Society Presidency and being a Cougarette (we were nothing compared to the Cougarettes of today).  I met my husband, Gary, on a blind date.  Actually, an exchange between Cougarettes and Val Hyric (a social unit - these were banned from BYU a few years later).  We married in 1963 in the L.A. Temple, but divorced in 1994.  Julianne Williams, my oldest daughter, is married to Alan.  She is project manager in the MIS department for Worldwide Video Distribution for Warner Bros. in Burbank.  Alan is a TV and movie composer, having done 3 IMAX movies and several movies of hte week for CBS.  The season's opener features Farrah Fawcett with his music.  Upcoming, a movie on TV with Clint Black.  They have two boys, Brandon, 7, and Connor, 4.  Alan has taught two years of early morning seminary and recently was sustained in the Bishopric in their ward in Valencia, CA. Next, Mark and Jeani Tolboe live in Meridian, Idaho.  They have Jessica, 4, and Justin, 3, with Jacob due in two weeks, September 20.  Mark works for Micron in Boise as a technical engineer.  They have been there 2+ years and I miss their children, as they lived in Utah before going to Idaho.  Mark went on a mission to Louisiana and has a private pilot's license.  Valerie and Brian Rupp live with Alexis, 4, in Mesa, Arizona.  She is a manger for Bruegger's Bagels and Brian is a software supervisor and specialist for a medical computer company.  They are expecting a second child the first week of February.  Derek is the network administrator for Innerlight, Int. (the company where I work as office manager).  It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too, and very close to home.  We are a network marketing company selling Superior Nutritional Supplements.  I am now off antibiotics (five months now) after being on them for most of the last 20 years and the previous year and a half every day, because of these products and a new style of eating, mostly vegetarian.  Derek went on a mission to Curitiba, Brazil, is not married, very eligible.  Keri, 18, is a senior at Lone Peak High School near Alpine.  We have lived here 15 years.  She has been on the drill team two years, participates with the dance company, is very bright and beautiful.  As you can tell, I take a lot of joy and pride in this family.  They are everything. [see a picture of the family!]   I spend what free time I have not with them.  We spend a week every summer at the beach in Oceanside, together.  It's kind of a command performance.  Next year, we are going with all my brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren and Mom to Carpenteria to camp for a week.  The place we spent a week or two every summer, growing up.  Mom and I, and I think Brett, Kim, and Kevin, will be at the reunion.  See you all soon.  This will be a great event.  [this was sent via Mark's e-mail: ]

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(editor) (Submitted by Shelley Skinner Scott)  Paula Skinner Wadsworth and her husband, Dennis, live in Mapleton, Utah, and have four children and three grandchildren.  She and Dennis are on a mission in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a year, and probably won't be able to attend the reunion.  They work in the mission office.

Brett Skinner   return to index
(editor) (Submitted by Shelley Skinner Scott)  Brett married Linda Rodriguez (who attended Verdugo Hills High at the same time as Shelley) in 1991.  He manages Pool Chlor of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Kim Skinner   return to index
(editor) (Submitted by Shelley Skinner Scott)  Kim married Susie Sanders in 1978 and they have four children.  Kim owns and manages Bay Pool Chlor located in Dublin, California.  They live in Brentwood (northern California).  He was recently released as bishop of his ward.

Kevin Skinner   return to index
(Submitted by Shelley Skinner Scott)  Kevin has email but is too busy being a doctor to learn how to use it.  He married Kathy Hansgen in 1978 (two weeks before Kim got married).  They have four children, including four-year-old twins, Austin and Ashlee.  Their oldest, Colt, is 16 and Mandy is 14.  After Kevin graduated from BYU in 1970- something, he went to pharmacy school at the University of Utah, then got into podiatry school in San Francisco, then went to an American school in the Philippines to become a medical doctor.  Kathy has been very patient with him.  He works for Signa in Mesa, Arizona, as an urgent care doctor.  They are building a new home in Gilbert where they have been living for the past 10 years or so.  He also serves in the army reserves as a Lt. Colonel and was sent to the Gulf War for seven months.  He delivered more Kuwaiti babies than doctoring up soldiers.  Kevin was an avid hiker in the scouting program and still hikes a lot of mountains. e-mail: 

Jim & Marie Smith   return to index
Jim & Marie Smith now live in Rancho Cucamonga. We moved here from Sunland ward in 1978. We have three daughters: Julie (25), Emily (21), and Kati (19). Julie and Emily are married, but no grandchildren yet. Kati is up at Ricks experiencing her first year away from home. We are doing great, working hard and keeping busy. Look forward to seeing you at the reunion. [E-mail:]

Robert B. & Tanya L. Thomson Smith   return to index
We heard about the reunion vis Tanya's Parents (Carol and Eugene Thomson) and would like to let you know where we are and what is currently happening with us.  Bob's mother is Louise Smith of the Sunland ward.  FYI - Bob and Tanya met in the Sunland Ward meeting house on April1, 1962 at the age of 13.  The rest of the story is too long to write!  We now live in Pennsylvania.  Bob is currently serving as the Stake President of the Valley Forge Pennsylvania Stake.  Tanya is 1st counselor in the Marshallton 2nd Ward Primary.  Both have served in many different callings over the years.  Bob was the Bishop of the Saugus 2nd Ward, Santa Clarita Stake before moving to PA.  Six children - 4 boys and 2 girls. 3 temple marriages to date. 4 grandchildren. 2 of the sons served missions and #3 is now currently serving in the California Ventura mission. Son # 4 ( and child # 6) is only 13 and waiting his turn. He helps to keep Bob and Tanya young!  Bob is the National Sales Manager and Director of Educational Sales for the Interactive Products Division of Numonics Corp.  Hope this helps you all! Wish we could be there!  Contact us at 228 Park Drive Downingtown PA 19335 (610) 269-4009 

Sandra & Lowell Spencer   return to index
(editor) Live in St. George, Utah, and now Sandra's parents live next door.

Wayne Spriggs   return to index
Hi...!!!!  This is Wayne Spriggs.  My family and I are living in Wichita Kansas where I am employed as an Engineering Test Pilot flying experimental jets (see Wayne's picture!).  We've been here for 9 years. I have 5 children, 4 girls and one boy. My oldest (Shenna) is in her sophomore year at BYU. My youngest (Scott) is quite an athlete and keeps us all running back and forth to football, baseball or scouts. I'll send more info later this weekend. I'm attaching a picture, more to come.  I hope to make it there.....we'll see..!!  (Waynes e-mail is:

Roland & Anna Jane Stoll   return to index
(editor) Still reside in Sunland, and Roland has been the Stake Patriarch for several years.  They don't have a computer and we were told they would send in some information via snail mail.  The snail hasn't arrived yet, but we're watching for it! Iris has given Anna Jane the honored title of "Cookie Queen", as she heads up a committee, along with Marilyn Livingston, to supply cookies for all of us to munch at the reunion.  Don't hesitate to bring some of your own favorites!

Steve & Cindy Swaner   return to index
(editor) Lives in Reseda with his wife, Cindy, and still works in the computer business.  Besides still playing basketball with Lee Thomson, Steve tries to keep up on the basketball court and ski slopes with his two sons.

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Chris Swaner Abbot lives with her husband, Bill, and daughters, Becky & Molly, in Valley Village, California.  She has finished school and is officially a Nurse.  Now, she is waiting to take the California licensing test, which will allow her to work as a Registered Nurse.  She's ecstatic to be done with  her education and looking forward to working.  Chris says she loves nursing and is very good at it.  Her e-mail address is:   Here is her rather "unique" reaction to learning about the reunion.  Even so, Chris says that it does sound like fun:  Imagine my surprise--no, no, just imagine it.  There I am leisurely flipping through my normally uneventful mail and I come to SUNLAND-TUJUNGA WARD REUNION.  What the heck is this?  But as I'm opening the flyer, a force like gravity--but all backwardsey-like, is pulling me back through time like I've gone into a weird other dimension or something.  Very surreal.  Ohhh spookey.  I dunno.  What have you done -- and I don't think you can close the box Pandora.  Are we all sure we want to go back to "neverland"?  Didn't somebody really smart say "you can never go home again"?  I sent Cori the website address. She will require CPR and resuscitation - wish I could be there to see it."

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(editor) Thinks she is staying undercover, but we have the scoop on her! Cori just graduated from Cal-State Dominguez, with a BA in Psychology! She is doing social work and continuing on to receive her Master's and attain LCSW. Good going, Cori!  [E-mail:]

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John & Clea Taylor (see their picture!!!) have lived in Palmdale since moving from Sunland in 1972, when John was transferred with Lockheed.   Their address is 38755 Sage Tree St., Palmdale, CA 93551, phone (661) 273-0304.   "We are enjoying retirement and keeping active with church work and grandchildren.  We are looking forward to the reunion and the fun of renewing old friendships and reliving special memories of the years we spent while raising our family in Sunland.  We have not become computer literate as yet, but can receive messages through Linda's e-mail."

Linda Taylor Madison   return to index
Linda and Chuck Madison live in Canyon Country, where she has been since leaving Sunland-Tujunga.  Their combined family has grown up, so kids come and go  between school and missions, and the oldest is married.   Life is good, even  though she admits to being a member of the middle-aged club!  Linda says there are no friends like old friends, so she is really looking forward to the reunion!  Their address is 28044 Winterdale Dr., Canyon Country 91351, phone  (661) 252-2682, e-mail:
I have had so much fun reading all of these great bios.  It has made me want to add more to mine, so here goes:  Since our marriage in 1988, we have had enough experiences with our blended family to write a book!  At one time, we had 7 under the same roof (Chuck has 5, and I have 3).  The "merge" included 5 boys, all with different names, two girls named Jennifer, and we both had cats named Sammy.  Nobody wanted to change their names, so they became "Sammy White" and "Sammy Gray"!  That was a good way to resolve our first family conflict!
The three Swaner kids [picture] are keeping busy: Jeff & Jamie [picture] live in Northridge and own and operate a beautiful salon called "epic" on Ventura Blvd., in Encino. They are a hard-working, adorable couple. Go see them and get a great haircut! Jennifer served a mission in Scotland, which she absolutely loved. She graduated with honors in English and Sociology, from the University of Utah, and is now a teacher at Hart High School, in Valencia. Seems like she should still be a student! Brian served in the Calgary, Canada mission. What a great experience and a special time in his life. He is a student at UVSC, in Provo, with his roommate and long-time buddy, Brian Lamprey. Our third missionary, David Madison, is serving right now in Macon, Georgia. It's a perfect place for a kick-back guy with a great smile, who loves everybody! Danny is currently living and working in northern California. The three boys [picture] grew up to be true buddies and brothers. We have one little adorable granddaughter, Taylor (what a great first name!) [picture] who is two years old and lives in the Bay Area with her mom & dad (Michael, Chuck's son) so we don't get to see her near enough.
Chuck does commercial refrigeration and air conditioning--you can see his expertise at most major markets. He is currently serving as a Stake Missionary. I teach the Beehives (they are adorable) and have worked for several years as an officer manager, for Andy Lamprey. I'm so glad that Iris wanted to have this reunion. Can't wait to see all of my great friends!

John Taylor (Jr.)   return to index
John is living in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife, Linda, and their two children, Sara-13 and Michael-10.   Their telephone number is (970) 223-4684.  His e-mail address is  John works as an Information Technology Manager for Hewlett-Packard Co.

Paula Taylor Jones   return to index
My husband Jay and I live in Quartz Hill, California with our 1 year old little boy, Dylan Jones, and our older chldren from my previous marriage: Jason Willis 18; Charla Willis 17; Jeremy Willis 13; and Robynne Willis 11.  In adddition to raising five great kids, and being active in our ward, we also have our own pool business which keeps us extremely busy.  In our spare time, (what spare time?) we try to have lots of fun and enjoy our life.  Our e-mail address is:

Steve Taylor   return to index
After spending 18 months in solitary I was able to join the general population and gain new work skills in the prison laundry.  Good behavior allowed me to get an early release and . . . (Uh, maybe I should start over.)  I've lived in Bakersfield since 1988 and work as a Marketing Director for an RV dealership chain.  I finally got married in 1996 to my lovely wife, Sandie, and have two beautiful daughters, Melissa (eight in August) and Alison (two in July) and you can see their picture by clicking here.  Any old friends who would like to get hold of me before the reunion in October can send e-mail to

Lee Thomson   return to index
My wife, Kim, and I moved up to Saugus about a year ago.  I finally sold my Sunland house on Langmuir, never thought I would leave Sunland!  We live near Seco Canyon and Copperhill.  My second boy Erik is living with me while saving to buy a house.  My daughter Keri recently bought a house in Valencia.  Lee Jr. lives up near Bakersfield.  I retired as an electrician in 1994 after 25 years and now work in the motion picture and TV industry as a set dresser and prop person.  I currently work on MAD TV.  I have 3 beautiful grandchildren.  Can you believe that Steve Swaner and I are still playing basketball?  We just finished a league up here about a month ago.  Hope to make it to the reunion......  E-Mail: 

Gene & Carol Thomson   return to index
Hi all you wonderful people.  Gene & Carol Thomson are still alive & kicking and living in Palmdale. When we left Sunland we moved to Maryland - back to Sunland & then La Crescenta & now Palmdale.  We are happy here.  Our family has grown to 34, 16 grandchildren & 5 great-grandchildren.  They have left the nest and are living in different parts of the country.  We sure do miss them.  We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in April 1998, whew (long time to live with ONE man).  We are very proud of our family.  2 grandchildren have served missions & 2 more are serving now.  Others going to school and just growing up (too fast).  We are retired & keep busy with family & church.  We enjoy keeping fit by walking in the mall each morning.  Anxious to see everyone & renew acquaintances.  We live at 4563 Wrightwood Way, Palmdale, CA 93552.  Email Address:  

Terry Thomson   return to index
When we returned to California, Terry worked as a boxboy at Lucky in Tujunga and met his future wife (Rebecca Moody) who was a checker.  Soon after, he went into the Army and was stationed at Fort Ord in Monterey.  He and Kim Skinner were in boot camp together.  He and Becky were married just before he left for Vietnam.  He returned home safely to us.  They are now living in Castaic, CA.  They have two grown children Trent & Stephanie.  They are proud grandparents of Bryanna (Stephanie's).  Terry is a Data Processing Manager at IMC. Becky teaches sewing at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  Email Address: 

Patrice Thomson Watson   return to index
I am the third child of Carol and Gene Thomson.  We moved away from Sunland to La Crescenta when I was a sophmore in High School.  I graduated from Crescenta Valley High, went on to Glendale College and eventually ended up at BYU with a major in Graphic Arts.  When I came home from Utah, I started a career as an Administrative Assistant in Personnel.  I met my future husband on a cruise to Mexico when I was 30 years old.  Two years later, Alan (David Alan Watson) & I were married.  Today, we are a very happy family of 5.  Jared is 11, Brandon is 9 and Brooke is 6  (see their picture!).  We lived in Glendale when we were married, we have since moved to Canyon Country and then to Palmdale.  We have lived in Palmdale for 8 years.  Alan is a self-employed Computer Consultant and we both have a business doing Digital Real Estate Photography.  Hearing and reading about this reunion has brought back a lot of memories and I hope to see lots of old friends there. [E-mail:]

Paul & June Walker   return to index
Paul Walker III and wife Cheryl, are still living in Sunland Ward with their youngest son Cody who is 11 years old. Cody is active in Boy Scouts and recently achieved his First Class and added several new merit badges.  He hopes to be an Eagle Scout by the time he is 14.  Cody plays the guitar, football and karate.  He keeps very busy!  Their oldest son Paul IV, who is usually off in distant places adding starring roles to his acting career with several new movies in the making, stays at home with his family in Sunland when time permits.  He has a beautiful baby daughter named Meadow whom we all adore!  She will be a year old in November.  You may have seen him in several movies that have come to your local theaters during the past 2 years.  "Pleasantville", "Varsity Blues", "Shes All That", "Meet the Deedles", "Brokedown Palace".  Universal Pictures, "The Skulls", is due out in the spring.  He is currently filming the movie "Squelch" and we are not sure of the expected release date.  On his off time, you can find Paul IV surfing in many parts of the world like Figi, Cabo or wherever his big heart leads him.  Our beautiful daughter Ashlie is living in Sunland close by, and is the proud mom of two darling & of course beautiful grandkids for us.  Caitlin is 3 1/2 and Sean is 18 months.  We can't say enough about our grandkids, so don't get us started! Son Caleb is living, working and attending college in Santa Barbara.  Surfing probably is his 1st priority.  Although living very close to campus, the view of the ocean from his apartment is too much competition I'm sure.  Daughter Amie is also living in Sunland.  She and Roger have 3 beautiful grandkids for us as well. Breanna, who is 10, Cole nearly 9, and Westley who will be 3 this month.  Paul and Cheryl have kept very busy with raising children, church callings, running a business, coaching sports and school.  Paul is currently in the High Priests Quorum leadership. Cheryl, after many years of working in her ward Young Women's program, is currently Second Counselor in the La Crescenta Stake Young Women's Presidency.  Cheryl went back to college several years ago and has completed her EMT, LVN, and RN and is now continuing her education to end Where? is anyone's guess.  She loves learning anything about Medicine. Perhaps when she grows up, she will be a doctor of something.  With son Paul's success in the film industry, we are all keeping busy with anything that he needs.  Dad-Paul is currently working on several scripts for projects that Paul IV would like to do.  You can usually find Dad-Paul out at the shooting range on Saturdays.  After nearly 10 years of not competing, he has once again picked up his handguns and shown the younger crowd how to shoot.  He has placed very well in the World Speed Shooting Championships these past 2 years, and is known to have won many other competitions.  After being classified a Master many years ago, he didn't think he had much more he could accomplish in the competitive pistol matches he shoots.  Coming back after years off, found him still extremely competitive.  He has always loved the sport of shooting and of course his hunting trips as well.
Paul and June Walker are living in North Bend, Oregon. They served a mission in Japer, Texas.  They originally moved to Oregon, but spent half of their time here in California.  Now after living full time in their Bayview home, they are missing some of the warm weather we have here in Sunny Southern California.  We hope to have them here with us more!  They love the outdoor adventures in Oregon.  Paul plays Frisbee golf near his home, and has all of the fishing, crabbing, etc., that he could want.  June keeps busy keeping up with Paul and keeping him on a schedule of sorts.  This past week found them teaching others how to can the Blackberries that grow wild on and near their beautiful Bayside property.  They love to have visitors and have some extra bedrooms available for old friends to visit on a moments notice.  Their daughter Shelly is living near them in Coos Bay, Oregon. (Coos Bay and North Bend are sister cities.)  Shelly's eldest daughter April, son-in-law Jeff and 3 grandsons are in Coos Bay as well. Shelly keeps very busy helping April with her 3 handfuls of joy!  Austin, Rhett, and Tyler.  They are adorable and the apple of Shelly's eye, or something?  Shelly's second daughter, Hope, is living in Texas. Hope's husband is still in the military and is serving overseas now.  She is at home with her two handsome boys, Branson and Auden. Shelly and April have just recently returned from a trip to Texas to visit Hope.  All of the cousins had a blast together.  Shelly never had any sons of her own, but her daughters have made up for that, giving her five grandsons to call her own.  Life will never be the same!  Rhett and Linda Walker are living in Tujunga, and are in the Verdugo Hills II Ward.  They have two beautiful little girls, May who is 3 1/2 and baby Betsey who will be 1 year in Jan.  Linda brought with her to the marriage, two wonderful sons.  Spencer who is 14 and Taylor who is 9.  Life will never be the same for Rhett either!  Rhett is working with the scouts in his ward and enjoyed being on a Stake mission until recently.  Linda keeps very busy with the babies and she and her sons have joined the church in recent years.  Nearly two years ago, she and Rhett were sealed in the LA Temple.  See, miracles still do happen!  We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Walker family.  We probably shared more than you really cared to read.  See you all on the 9th of Oct. 
If you want to keep in contact, we are still at 8606 Wyngate St. Sunland, Ca 91040.  Phone # 818-352-6959. Email Paul at  or Cheryl at Shelly can be contacted via email at Rhett, email at Paul and June can be emailed through Shelly or telephoned at 541-756-5860.
Yours Truly, Paul & Cheryl Walker
[You can read about Paul & Cheryl's son on the big screen at]

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My brother Brad and I are planning to attend the reunion.  Our family attended the Ward during the years 1956-1961.  I remember when the meetinghouse was being built.  That was a time when the church members not only contributed their means but they labored physically in the building of the meetinghouses.  Bishop Wendell Mackay was the Bishop at the time and I was a priest, in fact I was the Secretary in the Priest Quorum working with Bishop Mackay on the church when a serious thunderstorm arrived and threatened to ruin the still unroofed work being done.  I remember Bishop Mackay kneeling down and praying for the protection of the building under construction.  When the rain began to heavily pour down all around us, not a drop fell upon the construction site.  I will always remember one of the best examples I know of the power of faith and prayer by one of the Lord's chosen servants.  I have many fond memories of the Sunland Tujunga Ward during a critical time in my life as a teenager.  Leaders like Bishop Mackay and brother Rex Badley played an important role in the good choices I made.  Bishop Howard McKeon and his wife Phyllis also played important roles in that time and part of my life as did Brother and Sister Kindred, also Brother and Sister Fred and Wanda Nash and many others.  I hope we can make it and share other great memories and times associated with the history of this fine ward.  Thanks and God Bless , Wayne David Williams  [e-mail:]


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