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A10- The program for the ground breaking ceremony, March 19, 1955.
A9- The ground breaking ceremony, March 19, 1955.  From left to right on the shovels, that's Wallace Skinner, Ted Kindred, and . . . can anyone identify the third person?  Someone thinks it's Bishop Mackay.  Any other guesses?  Let's ask Ted Kindred at the reunion.

A8- Iris Kindred, from the Dedication Program, 1962.
A7- Joseph Lee, from the Dedication Program, 1962.
A6- From the cover of the Sunland Ward dedication program - Friday, March 16, 1962, 7:00 P.M.
A5- Building construction.
A4- Building construction.
A3- Building construction.
A2- Building construction.
A1- Building construction.

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