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brolee.jpg (38571 bytes) B14- Brother Lee, the custodian, Cherilyn Jacobsmeyer, Marlene Jacobsmeyer, Frank Friberg, and in front, little Hugo Jacobsmeyer (Sunland chapel front door 1962)
frank.jpg (61701 bytes) B13- This is Marlene Jacobsmeyer and Frank Friberg, the son of the artist that illustrated the Book of Mormon so well.  He stayed with our family his senior year of High School after his father was called to Salt Lake to paint for the church. Circa 1963
joemck.jpg (100876 bytes) B12- Joe McKeon as an elder in Florida, 1962
stevey.jpg (39603 bytes) B11- Steve Yancey on his mission in South America in 1962.
thejak.jpg (78647 bytes) B10- The Jacobsmeyer kids (except for Jon on his mission to Germany) 1962.  back row: Little Robert being held by Cherilyn, Larry, Marlene; front row: Loretta, Roberta and Hugo.
wayne.jpg (29471 bytes) B9- Wayne Williams and Louise Glenn, the future misses Williams at an ice skating party in November 1960.
jetsnow.jpg (65999 bytes) B8- At a youth conference, the burden of a chunk of snow is carried aloft, probably in pursuit of some worthwhile project.  Extra credit for identifying the snowball thrower in the background (clue: BP)..
zm0079.jpg (70648 bytes) B7- The picture is of a ward activity at Thousand Trails.  Can you identify anyone in line to go down the slide.  Yes, there's Bishop Charles Odd, with his son David in front of him, Bron Roylance seated second from left, with Scott Swaner standing behind him, and maybe Tony Ruelas to their left.
howard.jpg (70738 bytes) B6- Bishop Howard McKeon, from "The Torch" circa 1940, the magazine of the Los Angeles Stake.  Howard was in the Eastmont Ward YMMIA and his brother Jack was the MIA President.
mackay.jpg (65988 bytes) B5- Bishop Wendell and Janette Mackay.  It is believed this photo was taken in the late 1970's, during a farewell in their honor at the Verdugo Hills Ward building.
? B4- Here's a little sound byte that's nearly 30 years old.  Can you identify it?
B3- From the 1968 Acquainter, the Grosland twins are introduced to the ward.
B2- This is part of an article from the January, 1960 Acquainter, entitled "Notes on Sacrament Meetings of December 1959."  The song was performed at the December 13th meeting, and the performers were, of course, Sister Dudley and her five daughters: Peggy, Barbara, Beverly, Patricia, and Darlene.
B1- Local weather makes the headlines in the Record Ledger ("Voice of the Verdugo Hlls"), Saturday, February 11, 1978.

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