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monkey.jpg (45421 bytes) J6- As Carolyn Gouvas was sunning herself, which she often did out by the huge fishpond or the alligators pool near the house, a motorcycle rider up on the fire road called down, "Hey, lady! Do you know there's a monkey up here riding a horse? "So what?" Carolyn yelled back loud & clear, "It's her horse!"
bev.jpg (65692 bytes) J5- Beverly Dudley Girl's camp at Malibu.  We had 2 camps then.  This one was obviously a lot more fun than Certification Camp!
jimmy.jpg (31847 bytes) J4- Jimmy!
campandkay.jpg (36918 bytes) J3- This is a picture of our camp counselors: L-Andrea Balena, R-Kay Blood.  Andrea was a newly-wed!  I still remember her making sure she could get to the camp pay phone to call her sweetheart, giggling all the way!
dsebring.jpg (58684 bytes) J2- Dale Sebring (from 1968)
balenas.jpg (73320 bytes) J1- Frank & Andrea Balena & sons.  We don't know when this photo was taken, but think it was in 1968 at a party at Jon Jacobsmeyer's house in Canoga Park.


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