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gang.jpg (70218 bytes) I14- Karin Roylance, Bryant Beesley, Thom Roylance, Kevin Kemp, Nora Gregoire - March 14, 1973 - The day Thom left for his mission
milton.jpg (69175 bytes) I13- Cheryl Milton in front of Kindred home - March '73
manny.jpg (53455 bytes) I12- Amy Woodruff - Manny Ruelas - Wendy Woodruff - Tom's farewell - 3/11/73
swing.jpg (44364 bytes) I11- Steve Mollenhauer and Eric Roylance - Front of Roylance house - March 1973
mdanprog.jpg (41383 bytes) I10- "Dancing Around the World" program.  Remember how many times we performed our three dances: Swing, Waltz,  and Charleston?
msingfest.jpg (32742 bytes) I9- Do you still have your album from the Song Festival?   How many times have you thought of the words "The Weed is naaa aaaa aaat for Human Folk."  Of course, who can forget the three-hymn finale?
mpicnic1.jpg (28768 bytes) I8- Gee, who are these adult leaders enjoying the picnic?
mpicnic2.jpg (33427 bytes) I7- Nora Gregoire and Karin Roylance pose at the picnic.
mpicnic3.jpg (31732 bytes) I6- I remember when they posed for this picture, and we said how funny and confusing it would be to look at it after many years.  I can confirm  funny - Thom had quite a laugh when he saw it for the first time in 28  years.  We don't even know who's child we "borrowed"  for the shot.
mpicnic4.jpg (26063 bytes) I5- Brian Nash, at a Youth picnic, held at the park.
mroberta.jpg (20328 bytes) I4- Roberta Jacobsmeyer.  We think this picture was taken in front of her house one Sunday afternoon
mdon.jpg (12647 bytes) I3- Don Wood tests the door at the Glendale Stake Center, as a youth activity is gathering in the parking lot
mskate.jpg (28846 bytes) I2- ?, Brian Nash, Clea Taylor, & Magdalene Haslam sit outside a Youth skating party.
mteepee.jpg (32305 bytes) I1- What???  Another constructive youth activity.  Read Tony Ruelas' memory of this kind of activity.

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