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softball2.jpg (51647 bytes) G12- Tujunga Ward softball team, left to right, back to front: Joey Adams, Eddie Lee, Randy Gillan, Hugo Jacobsmeyer, Steve Swaner, Ray Swaner, Bruce Kemp, Lee Thomson, Ted Nash, ?, Scott Thomson, Kevin Dyer
softball1.jpg (56763 bytes) G11- see above
trophy2.jpg (59118 bytes) G10- The Awards, standing.
trophy.jpg (36545 bytes) G9- The Awards, sitting.
shoot.jpg (28081 bytes) G8- The Shot.
jump.jpg (18610 bytes) G7- The Jump.
talk.jpg (26385 bytes) G6- The Talk.
team.jpg (36179 bytes) G5- The Team.
sunlandbasketball.jpg (194528 bytes) G4- 1968 Junior Basketball Team - Sunland Ward
Front Row:  Brant Edmonds, Greg Hess, Norm Metcalf, Rich Ambrose
Back Row:  Leroi Smith, Lon Borjas, Kim Skinner, Kevin Skinner, Goddard Paialii, Lyman Metcalf
G3- Tujunga Ward junior basketball team - 1968 Zone 5 Champions.  From the left, back row, are Henry F. LoGuercio, assistant coach; Eddie Lee, Art Meacham, Bob Kindred, Randy Gillan, Steve Swaner and Evan Kindred, coach.  Front row, from the left are Lee Thomson, John Taylor, Kevin Dyer, and Scott Thomson.
G2- Sunland Zone 5 Junior Fast Pitch Champs 1972
Front Row (left to right): Dan Smyres, Greg Llewellyn, Tony Duran, Karl Metcalf, Dave Llewellyn
Back Row: (left to right): Bishop Ellis Miner, Clancey Smyres, Bob Lannon, Carl Kunz, Jesse Duran, Tim Beam, John Wozniak, Frank Llewellyn, Lyman Metcalf
  G1- moved to F8

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